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If you have a website that is underperforming and thinking of selling it, we may be interested in buying your website, either as a domain or a going concern.

If like millions of other website owners you have never seen a penny in return in online sales or had very low traffic levels, your website may still have a commercial value. Selling it is just one option as the income potential will determine the value of your site and not what you paid to have it designed. Most websites are built by website designers who do not have the knowledge or understanding to build websites for the search engines and are sold to unsuspecting buyers who end up disillusioned and disappointed with visitor levels and online sales.

Many simply give up the ghost and end up allowing the domain name to lapse when they could sell the website as a potential going concern. When you reach this point you may have a number of options open to you:
  • You can sell your website to us and we will pay a fair price based on its potential business value and the level of work we will have to employ to turn it into a profitable business.

  • Instead of selling your website, ask us to optimise the website and help you turn it into a real money spinner. You may have employed other search engine optimisers to get you top ten rankings, but few of these SEO companies actually achieve the results they promise. Try typing - search engine optimisers - top internet company - website optimisers - and - best internet company - into Google and see where we come. You also found us top of Google for - selling a website - which is testament to the fact that we know what we are doing. If you had faith in your idea, it may be worth one last crack.

  • Alternatively, instead of selling your website to us, we can form a partnership with you, take over all the design and search engine optimisation and handle all the internet marketing and share the income or profits from selling the website as a going concern.
If you are considering selling your website get in touch with us today before the domain name expires. Your website may not have earned you a penny but this does not mean you have to just sit back and lose the money you invested; some return has to be better than losing everything.

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