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How to sell a website for the best price, advice on how to go about selling a website as a going concern or selling a website that is failing

At the moment, you may have a website that we would not buy and could not offer to broker on your behalf because it has no real value. You may have sweated blood and spent weeks, months or years developing your website. However, there are thousands of websites of this nature being built and submitted to the search engines all the time and sadly the majority will fail.

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That wasn't the bad news; that was simply the reality of the internet and a hard lesson that most internet entrepreneurs come up against every day. Now let's talk about how you can make money from your site and turn it into an internet success.

We need access the site to fully understand how it works and we need to get into your stats package to see how much traffic it is getting and from where. It doesn't matter how little traffic it is getting, or how little it is earning; we simply need to determine if we believe we can turn it into a money spinner.

If we get green lights, there are two options open to you. We buy the site from you at a sensible price and you walk away from your business having learned a lesson. Or we would then form a partnership, take over the management of the website, move it to one of our servers, develop it and get it earning money. The percentage of shares are determined by how much we will have to invest in making the website a success and the agreed valuation of the site as it stands now.

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We sell websites

At the moment your website is earning you nothing, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This way, you start to earn an income from it; all expenses are borne by us although we may ask you to undertake certain tasks that lie within your capabilities.

We will take responsibility for the search engine optimisation, the internet marketing, advertising, linking strategies, PR and development of the site that lies outside your remit.

We continue to do this until we reach a point where we all make the decision to either sell the website as a profitable going concern or continue to take the income. All the time it remains in our/your ownership, you/we will be earning money.

Tens of millions of web pages of competitors are not a problem and hold no fears for us. We have websites in the top ten of Google where Google has hundreds of millions of pages indexed.

All we have to do is determine if the project has potential and if it is worth our while investing further money in your website.

You have already come to realise that a website needs traffic to succeed. You cannot hope to grow the site organically because people will lose interest and move onto sites where there is plenty of activity. You need that critical mass to ensure members stay on board and encourage other members to join. It is rather like trying to fill a bucket that is leaking; if the water is running our faster than you can fill it, the site will wither and die.

We are not short of ideas, skills, knowledge or resources and are well paced to help you turn your internet business around and make it a profitable project providing we believe it is worth investing in.

So, if you have a website that is not making money, get into touch with us today.

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