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If you have a website that you wish to sell as a going concern, we would be very interested in speaking to you. However, you will most likely be surprised to know that if you have a website that isn't making money; it may still have a value and most likely be easier to sell.

An internet site is a business like any business. It doesn't matter how much it cost to set up, its value is in the content, income and possible potential to earn income in the future.

Unlike a shop that may have assets (lease/freehold property - fittings, stock, track record of trading etc) a website can sometimes be easily and cheaply replicated and submitted to the search engines. However, it then has to battle to be found by people surfing the internet and when there are tens of millions of web pages all competing for the same competitive search phrases, it usually requires enormous investment. Furthermore, most websites aren't built for the search engines and have to be rebuilt.

It is our job to determine if the project is financially viable.

Selling a website

We buy sell websites

We sell websites

Building a website is a fairly simple process, building one that can compete at the top of the search engines is complex and takes an enormous amount of investment. So we have to ask ourselves if the site has what it takes to succeed?

If we approached you and said we have a website for sale would you like to buy it? Your obvious questions would be.
  • How much money is it making? - None

  • How much content does it have? - Virtually none

  • Where does it appear in the search engines for competitive search terms? - Nowhere

  • How many competitors does it have? - Millions

  • How is it different to its competitors? - It isn't

  • How much will I have to invest to make it a success? - Tens possibly hundreds of thousands
How much would you be prepared to pay for a business like that? Our advice would be not to touch it with a barge pole. However, we can take a site that is earning nothing and turn it into a profitable online business.

On the other hand if you had a website with a proven track record, was getting plenty of visitors, had a lot of content, few competitors and making a profit; that is a totally different matter and is relatively easy to value.

How to sell a website

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