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We sell second hand websites that we have redesigned, optimised for the search engines and are getting high visitor levels.

What is a secondhand website and why buy one when you could have a website designed to your own specifications? Our second hand websites are simply websites that we have bought from owners who had grown tired of trying to make a living from the internet that we have purchased and redeveloped into profitable businesses. In some cases, we are acting as brokers to source potential buyers for already successful websites.

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A second hand website is not suitable as a medium for an exiting business if it has to be redesigned and optimised to suit your business requirements. In cases like this, it is advisable to employ a professional website designer. However, if you are looking for a way to make money from the internet revolution, a second hand website can prove to be an exceptional income opportunity.

We buy failing websites and invest in turning them into high ranking, highly visited and profitable online businesses. As most websites are not built for the search engines and therefore get low traffic levels, there is a huge market for people to sell and buy secondhand websites.

We will normally buy a website and put it through a complete redevelopment programme to increase traffic and dales levels that will include all or some of the following:
  • Redesign

  • New navigation

  • Search engine optimisation

  • Linking strategies

  • PPC campaign

  • Affiliate marketing management

  • SEO databases (where applicable)

  • Internet advertising and marketing campaigns

  • Other income generation sources
Once we are happy that the site is performing well and generating reasonable profits, we then put the site back on the market. Full stats package and proof of income and profits are provided with every sale so that the buyer knows exactly what they are buying and can purchase the website with confidence.

The buyer can then take over the management of the site themselves or retain us to continue to manage and help develop the site on an ongoing basis.

We can continue to host the site or transfer the website to a hosting company of your choice. Normal procedure, once a price for the site is agreed is a fifty percent deposit with the balance payable once full transfer of the site has been implemented.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes and cover a myriad of market place, so if you are in the market and thinking of buying a second hand website, talk to us.

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