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Most people when talking about the secret of success believe there is some kind of magical formula that needs to be discovered in order to unlock the door to wealth and riches. This is of course a myth as there are no secrets, no magical formulas, just an ongoing process that needs to be followed and maintained on a continual basis.

You will come across websites promising to sell you the secrets of success. Don't waste your money; there is nothing in the books they sell that you cannot read for free here. If you think about it; if there was a magic formula, would you be prepared to sell it for a few dollars? Of course you wouldn't, nor would you be wasting your time writing a book. These websites make their money selling their quack potions, not because they are successful business people but because they are predators looking for a sucker.


The short simple answer is hard work. Speak to any successful entrepreneur and they will tell you how hard they worked for the first two years or more after starting their business. If you were hoping for a lightening bolt to suddenly strike you, you are going to be disappointed. There is no wizardry, no single piece of amazing advice nor a sure fire money making system that will propel you into the rich list.

Hard work plus another hundred other elements that combined become a formula for success. Over the next few pages I will tell you what they are, how to use them, where to find them, why you need them, when you should use them and who has them.

There are no guarantees, real success eludes most people, few people have what it takes to become a wealthy entrepreneur, in fact most people don't have the balls to even try and when it all boils down to getting their hands dirty, most people don't understand or won't accept the realities of the secrets of success.

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