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The differences between a failing company and a business that is succeeding are normally the people at the top. The secret of success in business is all about making the right business decisions, effective planning and marketing and ensuring that everyone does what is required of them. Quite often, turning a company around requires nothing more than going back to the original business plan and implementing the strategies that were decided upon but never executed.

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A company that has been struggling can sometimes be put into business expansion mode very quickly by changing direction and a few decisive board decisions. Recognising what the problems are is usually very simple, knowing the solutions and how to put them into effect requires experience. Cash flow should not be a problem if it has been managed properly. All companies should be managed by their cash flow and if they are not the problems need to be rectified by outsourcing the required skills.

Every company has to be managed by its cash flow and that means keeping overheads down whilst increasing sales. To increase sales normally means increasing staff, more advertising and marketing and that means investing more back into the business. The secret of being able to do this without exposing the company to its financial detriment is to outsource all the specialist skills needed to avoid taking on more staff.

Using a telemarketing company to arrange sales appointments or create public awareness of your company can save you thousands of pounds a year whilst increasing business. This avoids the expense and time needed to recruit and train sales people and or have to take on bigger offices to accommodate more staff.

The same applies to utilising a telesales company. A properly coordinated sales campaign can generate high sales volumes for far less than trying to do this in house. Telesales people have the experience and skills needed to make a successful sales campaign and are used to adapting to any product or market.

Business to business email marketing is an extremely economic and efficient way of generating interest and sales. The secret is knowing how to use it correctly. Tens of thousands of companies can be contacted within seconds for an extremely small outlay. If the target market is right, it can prove highly profitable.

Quality, highly targeted and qualified sales leads are yet another way that successful companies keep their sales personnel busy. The secret is knowing who can generate these types of leads in the quantities you need.

Successful companies often put expansion plans into action and then discover they have problems. The secret is proper planning and ensuring that financial backing is in place to see the whole project through. Cash flow problems often kick in during the early years of a business expanding because of unexpected downturns in trading or higher than expected overheads.

Success is a by product of doing things right. That means making the right decisions at the right time, having access to information and market research data and having the right business brains on board with the experience and skills to steer the company in the right direction.

Most companies get to a point where the directors lack the experience and knowledge to carry the company forward. Companies that have proved to be successful suddenly find themselves being over taken by their competitors. Unable to understand why, they start to make desperate decisions which normally compound the problems. This is when you need to have the best business minds working alongside you.

One of the most important secrets of success in business is being able to prioritise. Business decisions have to be made, cash flow managed, sales initiatives put in place, staff recruited, projects set up and managed and a hundred other different things. Small companies often have one member of staff trying to wear several hats which is when mistakes happen. Knowing how to priorities and recognise what is urgent, what is important and what is both urgent and important is essential.

The secret to setting up a new company and turning it into a successful business is having the right partners on board at the beginning. Bringing in experienced directors at the outset ensures that you are not trying to do a hundred jobs yourself that you know little about. Experienced business people already know all the business secrets.

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