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Second hand websites for sale, we buy underperforming poor traffic websites, develop & optimise them for the search engines & sell them as going concerns.

Second hand websites can prove to be more profitable than having a website designed from scratch but in all instances, the advice is buyer beware if you don't know what you are doing. You have to approach buying second hand websites with a view to buying a business model, rather than buying a website to fit your business model. If you are hoping to find a website that fits into a specific business model you will be looking for a needle in a haystack and most probably better off having a website designed by a professional design company.

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If you are selling a website you will need to provide the buyer with access to your stats package to back up any traffic claims; if indeed you are getting any traffic. If the website is not getting many visitors or failing to generate an income, you are unlikely to find a private buyer and your best bet is to sell it to a company that can redevelop the site and improve it to a point that they can sell it on as a profitable business.


If you are selling a successful website as a going concern, you are most likely to get a better price from a private buyer than selling it to a company that is looking to sell it on. We can act as brokers to find you buyers, advise and negotiate the best deal and where possible suggest changes and improvements to increase traffic and revenue to obtain the best price possible.


The value of any failing business lies in the assets and sometimes the potential to turn the business around. If you have a failing website, the only asset is the website itself and if it is not getting much traffic the website is most likely not worth very much. On the other hand, the perceived potential may push the value up.

Private buyers, unless they are incredibly stupid are not going to want to buy a website that is not generating much income. So this leaves selling the website to an internet company with the knowledge and ability to redesign, optimise, develop the site and turn it into a profit making business.

All this takes time, investment and expertise built up over a number of years. Most websites aren't built for the search engines, which is most probably why your website is underperforming.

We will happily buy your website from you if we can see potential and agree a price. However, you should also investigate other options unless you are really fed up throwing money at the project and just want to wipe your hands and walk away.
  • We have the skills and understanding of the search engines to make us confident enough to buy your website and turn it around. You might want to consider employing us to do this for your website and make it the success you initially dreamed of.

  • Alternatively, if you don't want to throw more money at it, you could consider an internet partnership, where we redevelop the site and share any income or profits from any future sale.
We will happily explain all your options to you.


If you are looking to earn money from the internet, buying a second hand website may be an excellent decision. A website that is already earning money and has the potential for further development can prove to be an excellent investment. As opposed to having a website built in the hope of making money because most new websites never earn their owners a penny because they are not built for the search engines.

If you buy a website that is already generating an income, you have a far clearer idea of what you are buying. We know how to turn poor performing websites into successful income generators. If you are thinking of setting up an internet business, talk to us.

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