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Presumably you found this web page by typing search engine marketing into one of the search engines or following one of the thousands of links running to this page. You should therefore understand that we understand the search engines and how to market our own company.

Search engine marketing covers such a wide and diverse subject, so we have supplied a raft of information on this page with links to other appropriate web pages. If you are a business looking for a company to handle your search engine marketing, you just found the market leader, if you are looking for advice, information, tips and guides, you will find them here. However, ultimately, unless you have weeks of spare time to read up on the subject and a mind like a computer, most businesses will find it more profitable to employ us.

We are going to cover a number of subjects, we are assuming that you have a product or service to sell, have a website or are contemplating a new Internet business venture. We are also assuming that you have a basic knowledge about the Internet and how most things work. On this assumption, we are going to start by destroying a few beliefs and myths that you may have read or believe to be true.


  • Exchanging links builds link popularity, which in turn helps with search engine ranking. NOT TRUE. Most of the major search engines stopped evaluating websites in this way years ago because of abuse by companies selling link exchange services to fool the search engines into thinking a website was important. Google and most of the major search engines only count inbound links. Obtaining hundreds of inbound links to gain link popularity is simple and inexpensive if done correctly. You can get hundreds of inbound links using Omni-Links.

  • A new website has to be submitted to the search engines and/or websites have to be regularly resubmitted to climb in the rankings. TOTAL RUBBISH. There are a few human edited directories, where one submission may be necessary but all the major search engines have robots or crawlers that are constantly following links and spidering and revisiting websites on the Internet. Never, ever pay someone to do this for you. Follow our simple instructions and within a few days, all the major search engines should have picked up on your website.

  • You can buy opt in lists of email addresses where people have subscribed to receive emails. DANGEROUS. The majority of these so called opt in lists are fraudulent, break every data protection act and could cause you all kinds of trouble. Who in their right mind subscribes to receive SPAM emails anyway?

  • Owning a website means the world can find me. NO IT DOESN'T. Most websites are not built for the search engines so the search engine robots cannot access most of the data. It will also depend on where your domain is hosted, what type and how the server is set up and to some extent, some search engines will take into account the type of websites that are sharing that server and their activities. This is a minefield.

  • My website designer knows all about the search engines and search engine optimisation. HIGHLY UNLIKELY. This is an area that only a handful of people can really claim to know anything about. There is more rubbish published about search engine optimisation than just about any other subject on the Internet. Never, pay a search engine optimiser up front for their services, no matter what guarantees they make. Legitimate search engine optimisers work on a no win no fee basis.


If you have got this far, you might already have realised that you have a number of problems that need to be addressed. We don't expect you to spend hours reading up on the subject because these pages are designed to get the visitors with good business acumen to contact us. Successful business people are only as good as the people they have working with them. They don't employ idiots, they employ people who are good at their own area of expertise.

So how can we help you?

Working on the assumption that you have a website, have a product or service and you are looking at ways to increase sales, because you are either disappointed with your current traffic levels or are in a position to increase your internet marketing, let's explore a few options. Most of the major search engines deliver two sets of results; Organic results and Sponsored Links. The Organic results are the natural links that appear in the main section of your screen and are based on the search engine algorithm returning the most relevant web pages to the key phrase the searcher used to find the information they were seeking.

I have read that five times as many people click on the Organic results as they do the sponsored links, preferring or trusting these links to the sponsored or paid for links. However, as 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot, (or does 78% sound more genuine), I have no way of confirming this.

The sponsored links are paid for placements, where the website owner bids to be placed in the right hand column and pays the respective search engine each time someone clicks on the link to their website.

There are arguments both for and against each option, which are explained on the next page about marketing through the search engines.

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