Search engine optimizers and website designers. Best search engine optimization techniques to increase website traffic, developed by us and remain a closely guarded secret. Our unique optimization techniques, strategies and systems have helped companies generate millions in online sales.

We are an Anglo-Franco-Dutch partnership with associate offices throughout Europe and the USA and therefore likely to have an affiliate office near you.

We are a no win fee company who preferring to invoice our clients only when we have achieved the top ten Google rankings we agree with our clients. It is our ethical approach to optimizing websites and only asking for payment on successfully achieving the desired results that has made us the number one optimization company in Europe.

We can help you access the one and a half billion English speaking world markets, as opposed to the 150 million American internet users. So if you were wondering why your website gets very little international traffic, we have the answers.

If you own a website and are looking for search engine optimizers that can help increase the traffic to your website, we may be the solution, but that will depend on a number of factors. If on the other hand you are hoping to find advice and help to do it yourself - sorry but we are a professional company dealing with professional business people.

And if you are a search engine optimizer looking for clues, as to why we are top of Google, you won't find it here or in our source code. The solutions are too complex and most of our optimization techniques and systems happen off site.


Search engine optimization forums on the Internet, tend to be visited by would be so called search engine optimizers every day. They all exchange advice and tips, mostly because they have nothing else to do because no one visits their websites.

This is because most of the information published on these forums is complete rubbish that people accept as Gospel and because of the power of the Internet, these theories spread like a plague, usually helped by firms spamming people with the latest theories picked up on these forums.

If Google has a hundred million pages indexed for a competitive search term, would any intelligent person genuinely think they could get a top ten listing by juggling a few keywords and Meta Tags? Records show that there are obviously not that many sensible people out there, because so many people try it.


Increasing web traffic in high volumes is not easy and is not just a matter of juggling a few keywords and Meta Tags. So, having set the scene, let's get down to business.

First of all, we make no up front charges for our optimization services. Our clients only pay us once we have achieved top ten listings for the search terms we agree between us.

This means we take all the risks, we do all the research, we invest our time and expertise, built up over the past decade and only when we have achieved the agreed results do we ask for payment. So, as optimizers, we have to be 100% confident in our optimization abilities before we undertake any task.

First thing people nearly always ask about are costs, as if they are buying a car. The cost of optimizing a website depends on a number of factors. The size and type of website, the number of search terms required, how many pages the search engines have indexed for those search terms, what the top ten or twenty websites that appear for those search terms have done by way of optimization and how much research we have to do.

Asking about the cost is really the wrong question. What you really need to know is how much business your website is likely to take by way of income if it was appearing in the top ten of Google for your related search terms and how much that would be worth to you.

You should have a far clearer understanding of what gaining top ten rankings on Google other major search engines would do for your business and what it would do for your profits.

However, we cannot make people look for your product and services and we certainly cannot make people buy from you. So, if your website design lets you down, it might be a good idea to have a look at a redesign and have your website optimized at the same time.

We can tell you how many people are using the search engines and advise you on what search terms would be best to use. We have an unsurpassed track record for optimizing sites and gaining top ten Google rankings. We don't offer guarantees but then we don't invoice you until we have achieved our agreed results.

You should also take into consideration that we cannot make people click on your website, we cannot stop them visiting your competitors and we certainly cannot make people buy from you. If your current website lets you down in any way, it could lose you sales.

We would strongly recommend that you have a FREE website diagnosis by one of our optimizers before making any decisions.

This places you under no obligation and you will find us forthright and honest. As we are a no win no fee company, we are not interested in taking on any optimization job without being extremely confident in our abilities to succeed.

This is a working partnership, if we do the job and you understand your business, we both profit from this working relationship.

We will have a long hard look at your website and your competitors and tell you in plain English what needs to be done. Sometimes the solutions are really simple and others, we need to work small miracles.

Search engine optimization is something we do better than anyone else.

Website designers and search engine optimizers providing a professional, competitive web design service.