Search engines are the lifeblood of a website and we are the best search engine optimisation company to help you benefit from this list of search engines. If you have a website that is getting little traffic you have to depend on offline and pay per click advertising to drive traffic to your site.

This is obviously expensive, defeats the object of why you wanted a website and means that you are missing out on a lot of business and having to stand by and watch whilst your competitors clean up. However, search engine optimisation should not be looked on as a replacement for other forms of advertising but as an additional form and part of your online marketing.

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You can read all kinds of statistics about the search engines on the internet. How much of it is to be believed I will leave up to you but it is said that 80% of all internet traffic is through the search engines. True or not, what is not in doubt is the vast numbers of people who use the internet to access information and buy online and the fact that users are growing in their millions.

No company can afford to ignore the business possibilities that the internet and its search engines offer yet most are missing out on the full potential and allowing the competitors a free hand out of ignorance or an inability to grasp the opportunity. As the number of internet users grows, the gulf between the haves and the have nots will widen with companies leaving competitors in their wake.


There are companies professing to offer services to help you increase search engine traffic that can actually do you more harm than good. Often, these SEO companies will approach you via email offering to submit your website to thousands of search engines or help you build links to your website or offer to place advertisements on thousands of websites. These companies tend to be the hyenas of the internet, preying on the uninitiated and uneducated who don't know how the search engines work.

These companies are using programmes to submit websites to the search engines which will get your website de-listed or even blacklisted for spamming. You have to submit a site by hand or wait for the search engines to pick it up. Never ever use a programme to submit a site or for search engine optimisation purposes.

The spammers who use programmes to place advertisements on other websites are actually committing a criminal act that can result in a prison sentence. They cost internet companies millions of pounds every year in having to deal with this spam. If you employ a company to blast your advertisement to millions of websites you are aiding and abetting in a crime which is a criminal offence and you will most likely be easily traceable, unlike the spammers who work anonymously. Ignorance of the law is of course no excuse.

Then there are the spammers who constantly send out emails on behalf of website owners offering to exchange links. These people are also nuisance artists as well as deliberately misleading people into believing that exchanging links in itself will help their search engine positions which of course it doesn't.


The first thing to do is use the search engines for your own research. Websites that keep coming up in the top ten of Google for related searches obviously understand how this search engine works. Never accept the advice of anyone offering to get your website into the top of the search engines if they have to send you an email to generate business or are paying to be in the sponsored links. There is something highly questionable about anyone offering to help you when they cannot do it for their own website.

The search engines can be used like any high street or shopping mall. In fact, used correctly, your website could be placed on hundreds of high streets next to the busiest shops, ensuring plenty of visitors and impulse buyers. This is when you have to employ the best search engine optimisation company.