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If you have a website that is underperforming or just starting out on the internet and looking for a website design company, try typing - search engine optimisers - or - best website designers - into Google and see who comes up in the top 10 rankings for both searches. If you are looking for ways at increasing traffic to your website, seeking advice about linking strategies or looking for internet marketing services, it stands to reason that you can only choose search engine optimisers and website designers who can achieve the results for themselves.

You would think that most people who were commissioning a new website would do this simple research before deciding on which website design and search engine optimisation company to build their new website. Amazingly, judging by the number of websites that our search engine optimisers have to sort out, most people embarking on a new internet project are either guided by price or get a friend or relative or the chap down the road to design their new website. The result is a nice looking website that is not built for the search engines, never sees the light of day, never generates any income and was a complete waste of money.

You may not understand how the search engines work, you may not know what is required to obtain top 10 Google rankings, but then nor do the majority of website designers and if they cannot obtain top ten results for themselves, they will not be able to do it for you either. Choosing a website designer or search engine optimisers based on price is a serious business mistake that will cost you dearly.

Type any search phrase into Google that you would like your website to appear in the top ten and see how may pages Google has indexed. One million, ten million, hundred million? That's your competition and the companies appearing in the top 10 results are most likely to be investing heavily in their internet marketing. Few website designers and search engine optimisers understand how to build websites capable of performing at this level, they can't even do it for themselves. So you have to decide whether to employ the best search engine optimisation and professional website design company to build your website or throw money down the drain by employing a cheap website designer.

There are of course, search engine optimisers who will be able to help increase the traffic levels to your website but not in significant quantities to make any real impact on your online sales. Real search engine optimisation is time consuming, requires an enormous amount of research, lots of work and is expensive. You don't need to be an expert to understand that investing in a cheap website cannot possibly be the best option and cannot hope to compete against the internet companies who are investing heavily to remain at the top of Google.


However, it is not all gloom and doom if you are on a limited budget. There are a number of options open to you that will increase traffic to your site that will fit most budgets. One of these techniques is called secondary optimisation.

Most search engines and particularly Google build certain elements into their algorithms to ensure that the websites that are delivered to the top of their organic results are most relevant to a search. These elements include, the amount of pages that carry the keywords, the number of pages linking to them from within the actual website, the number of inbound links running to specific pages from other websites, the levels of traffic those pages are already getting and how long the website has been established.

Therefore, any new site, any small website, any website with low traffic levels or with few inbound links is going to find it difficult to compete because it is likely to be in competition with well established websites with thousands of web pages, hundreds of inbound links and already getting masses of traffic. This is where other search engine optimisers will take your money without gaining you any significant traffic increases and continue to take it until you run out of money or patience.

Secondary search engine optimisation involves building pages that look like your website, link into your website but are hosted on busy well established hub sites. The search engines come along and find these pages and say "I know this site, it's well established, gets loads of traffic, has masses of related content and thousands of inbound links" and treats the new pages appropriately. Invariably, these pages will gain top ten Google rankings within days, generating sales and traffic to the original site for a fraction of the cost of trying to optimise the original site.

So, for a much smaller financial outlay, you could be benefiting from additional online sales far quicker, making this type of secondary optimisation far more profitable than paying out to optimise a site that may takes months to climb the search engines and cost many times more to optimise.

Other marketing activities to generate higher traffic levels to your website could include:

The realities about internet success are the fact that the big companies with money to invest will almost certainly beat the little guy to pole positions in the search engines. If you are a small company, proper search engine optimisation is often either too expensive or not a feasible project to undertake. It is only when you are a large company with the money to invest and the infrastructure to deal with vast numbers of enquiries and potential for really high sales that you should consider employing the a company for best search engine optimisation.