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Search engine optimisation is something that very few professional website design companies even come close to understanding which is why most websites never attain top ten Google positions for any of the competitive search terms needed to substantially increase traffic from people using the internet or warrant building links to them from other successful websites.

As one of the UK's leading internet marketing, search engine optimisation and professional website deign companies and considered to be the best search engine optimisers on the internet, we are best placed to undertake any contract from any company serious about making a real impression on the web.

When it comes to search engine optimisation and professional website design, we talk a different language because the techniques we use to optimise any website are based on our own research and techniques developed over almost a decade and not based on the unsubstantiated theories published on other websites.

We are so confident in our optimisation practices that we do not charge up front for our search engine optimisation services, preferring to work on a no win no fee basis and only invoice our clients once the web pages we have optimised are appearing in the top ten of Google for a minimum of 50% of the agreed search terms. If we are required to do any redesign or build web pages, this work is invoiced as normal on delivery.

The best time to optimise any website is before it is actually built. It is the optimisers job to provide the framework for the website designer to build the site; rather like an architect providing the plans for a builder. Optimising a website after it has been built is almost always more expensive as it takes more time to take it apart and then put it back together. In numerous cases, it is not possible to optimise a website because of the way it has been constructed and in situations like this, all you can do is discard the website and start again from scratch.

It should be pointed out that search engine optimisation will dramatically increase the cost of any website design and is not always the best course of action. The reasons for this could be that the investment needed is not justifiable and that other less expensive options would prove more profitable; the client does not have the budget to invest in a major optimisation project; or there are not enough people surfing the net to generate the enquiries even if top ten positions are achieved on Google and the other search engines.

If you are considering having your website optimised, you need to take advice especially if you blundered ahead by having a cheap website built that is not getting any traffic. If this is you, you are one of hundreds of millions of website owners who have lost money by employing one of the thousands of website designers who churn out websites that are not built for the search engines. You next decision should be based on having all the facts at your disposal. Simply owning a website does not mean the world is going to find you - far from it.

The ultimate goal of a search engine optimisation is to make your website more visible to people using the search engines and whilst it is often the most effective way of driving traffic to your website, it is not necessarily always the most profitable. You may have read on other websites that 80% of all internet traffic uses the organic results rather than clicking on the paid for sponsored links. Our own research does not agree with this nor is there any evidence to justify these claims. A well managed pay per click campaign can be more profitable in many circumstances although not always and you need to seek advice before jumping from a pay per click campaign onto a search engine optimisation project. It is usually best to use the two in conjunction with one another.

There are also numerous other internet marketing techniques that can used to drive traffic to your site that are less expensive and therefore often more profitable:

Before making any decision about which course of action to take to increase traffic to your website you need to fully understand the implications of what is involved in any search engine optimisation project and have a professional clearly explain your options. Speaking to us and by demonstrating on Google how we can make a real difference to your internet presence, we believe you will not consider employing any other search engine optimisation company to handle your internet marketing.

When it comes to the internet, we are the best search engine optimisers.