High performance search engine optimisers and optimisation services. High search engine ranking and placement can be achieved using our experienced search engine optimisers.

Divadani Design, one of the UKís leading website designers use who we consider to be the best search engine optimisers in the business to optimise our websites. Over the years we have employed numerous search engine optimisers who promised and charged the earth with disappointing results. Then we struck gold by teaming up with Scopula the best search engine optimisers in the business.


In the past, like most people, we fell into the trap of believing that these other search engine optimisers could deliver real results. True, a few well chosen keywords and metatags placed strategically obtained top ten rankings for a few uncompetitive key phrases that nobody was likely to use, but where a search engine had 20 or 50 or even 100 million pages indexed, the search engine optimisers fell well short of their promises.

Then we would get the excuses of "it can take months for a website to climb the search engines" or "Google has a sandbox that they hold new websites in before indexing them" or "our website has been black listed" and numerous other excuses. Furthermore, trying to get our money refunded was nigh on impossible.


Our advice is Ė Donít believe most of what you read about search engine optimisation. Nobody can guarantee you a top ten position in the search engines. No programme can replace a human being that understands search engine optimisation. Most of what you read about search engine optimisation is either out of date, blatantly misleading, incomplete or utter rubbish. Whilst some of the advice you will read will help to a small degree, if you are up against large, high content websites that get a lot of traffic, where the search engines have several million pages indexed for a few keywords, you need an experienced search engine optimiser.


We use Scopula for a number of reasons.

  • They do what they say they will do.
  • They donít invoice you until they have achieved exactly what they agreed. You donít pay a penny until then.
  • Top ten rankings are normally achieved within 10 to 14 days.
  • They tell you what they plan on doing, in plain English in order to optimise your site.
  • Unlike some other search engine optimisation companies, they donít use any methods that are likely to get your website banned.

Real search engine optimisation is not something that can be explained easily as each website, each search term and each project is different. There are no really clear guidelines, no set rules and every job has to be approached from a different aspect depending on how strong the competition is from other websites.

Donít whatever you do believe that you can buy a programme that will get you top ten positions if a search engines has 100 or just 10 million pages indexed. Never pay any money up front on the basis that an optimiser can guarantee you results. Real search engine optimisation is complex and if you want to get your website into a position where you are going to earn real money from search engine traffic, you need to employ a professional. In our opinion, Scopula have a far greater understanding of search engine optimisation than any company we have come across.

As website designers, we are more than happy to pass the job of optimising websites onto Scopula, preferring to stick to what we do best. If you have a website that you believe needs the help of a professional optimisation company, contact us.

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