High ranking search engine optimisation and top ten placement services. Top ten search engine ranking and placement can be achieved using our top search engine optimisers.

Real search engine optimisation is not something you should try for yourself. If you have a small website aimed at a niche market where the search engines have less than a million pages indexed for an unpopular or uncompetitive search term, then a few well placed and well chosen keywords and meta tags will probably do the job. If, however, you are looking for tips on search engine optimisation, where the search engines have 10 million or more pages indexed for popular and competitive search terms, you should employ the services of professional search engine optimisers.

Any sensible person with a little common sense is going to realise that no off the shelf programme can be purchased that will get your website into the top ten of Google when there are 20 or even 100 million pages indexed for that important search term. Few search engine optimisation companies really have a full and clear understanding of how the search engines work, so never, ever pay money up front on the basis that one day, miraculously, your website is going to suddenly appear in the top ten of Google. Getting into the top ten of Google means that another website is going to be pushed out and they won’t like it. You need a team of search engine optimisers who are capable of getting you there and more importantly, keeping you there. It is an ongoing marathon.


Search engine optimisation, done correctly can put you into the top ten of the major search engines and catapult you into the high income arena of the search engines. Using methods that the search engines prohibit can get you blacklisted and kill your Internet business off overnight. There are very few legitimate search engine optimisation companies who have a clear understanding of the search engines and they are enormously out numbered by scam companies and website designers who have little real knowledge other than the information that have read about on the Internet. (Most of which is pure unadulterated rubbish).

No one can guarantee you a top ten listing in the organic results of Google, beware of any SEO who claims this or says they have a special relationship with Google. If you want to benefit from the massive search engine traffic through Google you have two options. Use Google Adwords where you pay per click or employ the services of a search engine optimisation company who will undertake the work and charge you only when they have achieved the agreed results.


Divadani Design only recommends one search engine optimisation company. Scopula are Europe’s leading search engine optimisers, who in our experience get the best results for our clients. Scopula do not charge up front for any project they undertake, preferring to accept projects on a pay by results basis. Therefore they will only accept a job that they believe can realistically be achieved. In our experience, top ten rankings are normally achieved with 10 to 14 days, unlike search engine optimisers we have used in the past, who told us it would take months for a website to climb the search engines, and in most cases we are still waiting.

If you have a website that you need optimising, please contact us. An optimiser from Scopula will contact you for an in depth discussion in a language you will understand.

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