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Despite what you may have read on other websites, search engine optimisation is not always the best route to go down. I have read that as much as 80% of all searchers using the internet use the organic results. I don't believe that is the case and often, a more effective course of action can be using pay per click. The benefit that optimising a website has over using sponsored adverts is that once it is paid for, all traffic is free and every visitor doesn't cost you money.

I would be very cautious of any search engine optimiser telling you that SEO can deliver more visitors than a pay per click campaign. However, search engine optimisation does have a role in generating quality traffic to a website through a field of different techniques and should be part of every website owners online marketing budget.

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If you have found pay per click to be unproductive or expensive then a properly laid out search engine optimisation strategy using our specialist techniques could be an economic solution. Our contracts start from as little as 100 + vat per month.


The key is to provide good content and build pages that the search engines can easily find and rank as relevant to a given search phrase or two. The key is ensuring that the page is correctly optimised so that Google decides it is more relevant than other websites. This can involve creating inbound links from hub sites that get a lot of traffic, internal links from your own website, lay out of the content, clustering pages, using feeder pages with portioned content, hooking and embedding the pages into the search engines, keywords and meta tags.

Despite what you read on other websites, it doesn't take long for a website or new web pages to get indexed and highly ranked on Google. The only reason a website takes a long time to climb any search engine is because the optimiser doesn't know his head from his backside.


Probably one of the most abused, misunderstood and time wasting tasks involved in search engine optimisation. Exchanging links with other websites is a total waste of time if it isn't done right. The search engines caught onto the abuse of exchanging links years ago but there are still companies out there getting website owners to pay them to build a linking campaign.

Inbound links are good, outbound links help the website you are linking to and not your site and exchanging links between a links page and a home page is pointless. There are ways to get more traffic to your site through linking but it does not involve sending emails to busy websites asking to exchange links. This just irritates busy webmasters and the only people prepared to exchange links are the websites that are getting no traffic or webmasters who have nothing better to do.

We can help you build a meaningful linking programme without irritating the hell out of other successful websites by employing effective search engine optimisation strategies.