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  • Parked pages and data can be used for data hooking and embedding web pages into the search engines. One question I get asked all the time is "How do you get a website to stay in the top ten of Google?" The answer is complex and requires using many SEO techniques, one of which is using parked pages with data hooking that is supplied through mercurial content. A parked page is a web page that you have designated as a priority page through internal links. Having achieved the top ten position, it is essential that the content continues to change and that inbound links are constantly added - like feeding a parking meter. Done correctly, the pages will become embedded in the search engines and very difficult for your competitors to dislodge.

  • You don't need to submit a website to the search engines. We speak to people who have actually paid a company to submit their website to the search engines. From time to time, we speak to website owners who pay someone to do this on a regular basis. Providing your website designer has done his job, there is no need to submit a website to the search engines and absolutely no point in continuing to resubmit it.

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Use any of the above techniques together at the wrong time or in the wrong place or in the wrong order and the likelihood is that they will have the exact opposite of the desired effect. Most search engine optimisers have no idea what this is all about. We talk to search engine optimisers all the time who profess to know what they are talking about but obviously haven't got a clue about how the search engines really work. Our company has been responsible for developing most of the techniques used in search engine optimisation today.

As I said before, all our search engine optimisation techniques have been developed by us and are based on proven research carried out by us. We never take any SEO theory as fact until we have proved it to be correct - and they rarely are. Look at most SEO companies and they are just GP's reading what it said on the box and prescribing what they believe is a cure; they don't actually do any research to determine if the prescribed pill has been fully tested and proved to have no side affects. We all know about Thalidomide and how doctors just went ahead prescribing the drug to pregnant women without understanding what could actually happen. We only prescribe solutions that we have devised and fully researched.

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When you are operating in a competitive market place and competing against tens or even hundreds of thousands of websites and the search engines have millions of pages indexed for the key search terms that you need, the solutions are never simple. Huge profits are made by websites that have top ten positions on the search engines for the search terms that are used in their millions. It is a false economy to employ a website designer or search engine optimisers who cannot achieve top ten rankings on Google for their own relevant search terms, and na´ve to even try to optimise your website yourself.


Despite everything I have said, I know from experience that there will be people who will still decide to try and optimise their own website; just like there are people who will try and run their own PPC campaign rather than pay an experienced PPC management company. Small businesses remain small because the principal tries to do everything himself rather than delegating tasks so that he can concentrate on what he does best. They start out with financial restrictions and they continue like that (or get worse) because they don't invest in the right areas of their business.

An internet business is the same as any business: it needs to be correctly managed and expand at a sensible rate rather than trying to take on the world from day one. This is where choosing your keywords in order to attract the right type of visitors to your site will pay dividends.


Now I know I said earlier that the search engines, and in particular Google, don't pay any attention to keywords, but this was a reference to the keyword metatags and not to the content of your website. It is of course imperative that your website text contains reference to your chosen keywords and that they are positioned in the right place, in the right numbers, right order, and using the right sequences.

It is important to remember that Google likes well established websites that carry masses of content, and which are getting high levels of traffic and have lots of inbound links from highly visited related sites. This almost certainly does not describe your website and is unlikely to do so for some time to come. So the one thing you should not do when choosing your keywords is to try and take on the world.

I know that everyone else talks about the most popular and well used search terms but, for every million people using those keyword search terms, there will be another million using a thousand less popular searches. An optimiser's job is not to increase traffic to your website: his job is to help increase your online sales and simply increasing traffic will not necessarily increase sales if the traffic is low grade.

If, for example you are a conservatory company that is based in Southampton, you should not try and attempt to optimise your website for the words "conservatory" or "conservatories." You will find that Google has millions of web pages indexed for this word and you will not make enough inroads into the rankings for such a competitive search term. Furthermore, any traffic you may get could be from anyone in the world or from the outer limits of the UK. Instead you should choose search phrases like:

Conservatory company Southampton
Conservatories Southampton
Southampton conservatory company
Southampton conservatories

This is likely to reduce the competition significantly although Google is still likely to have hundreds of thousands of web pages indexed. You are more likely to get traffic to your website if you do this, and furthermore, the quality of the traffic will be better and you will stand a far greater chance of doing business. As you business grows and you need to expand your range you can then start to optimise your site for Portsmouth and Hampshire and keep repeating the process as and when you are able to deal with enquiries from further afield. If you also install replacement windows and double glazing, you can also optimise your website for selected key search terms, but remember what I said about reverse optimisation; if you do not know what you are doing, as fast as you try to increase traffic for one search phrase, you may well be diluting your content so that your website drops down the rankings for search terms where you had previously been out-performing your competitors.

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Search engine optimisation advice and help choosing keywords that will increase visitor levels through related search subjects

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