Saving energy & energy saving ideas, advice, information on saving heat. Saving energy ideas to lower heating bills and save heat through roof insulation.

Advice and information about saving energy & energy saving ideas in an economic and efficient manner. Reduce your heating bills by insulating your roof space.

Energy saving can economically dealt with in an efficient cost effective manner using our roof insulation foam. Weather proof your roof and insulate your home and save energy at the same time.

Spray applied polyurethane foam has been used for thousands of different applications including; factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, football stadiums, car parks, crop stores, livestock buildings and water/fuel tanks

Another advantage of spray foam is its ability to completely seal buildings. This allows the ventilation and temperature of buildings to be controlled far more effectively and also provides a dramatic reduction in heating and feeding costs.


Our spray foam insulation is the ideal solution for insulation and the control of condensation, not only in domestic properties but also in industrial, commercial and agricultural food storage buildings. It can be applied to almost any surface to improve the insulation, stabilisation and working environment of the area.

Asbestos encapsulation

Asbestos encapsulation is an added benefit of the spray foam insulation. And offers a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.


When applied, spray foam insulation has a non-toxic surface which is odourless, has low water absorption and high resistance to chemical attack. This makes it ideal for use in agricultural applications such as crop stores and livestock buildings. Due to the foam being directly applied to roof and wall cladding it also eliminates voids which rodents can use to nest.