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Unlike most companies, we do not have a clearly defined product, price list or market place. Our business interests are varied, interwoven and widespread and as such, our sales personnel need to be highly intelligent, multi-talented and of the highest calibre.

To explain what we do would take an immense amount of time, so we suggest that you explore this section of our website before contacting us. However, to put it succinctly, we are in the business of making existing business more profitable and backing new start up companies. If it involves anything to do with increasing sales, reducing overheads or making a company more profitable, we will almost certainly be able to help.

However, the solutions are always multi-principled and often complex and that is why we require high calibre sales executives who are good communicators and able to grasp both the situation and provide the most relevant solution.

We are seeking exceptionally high calibre sales executives for our business consultancy division. Our business consultants are used to negotiating business deals at board and corporate level.

Our sales personnel recruitment is an ongoing process with job vacancies worldwide.

We are looking for sales people who want a sales career where there are no limits to their earning potential.

We have no limitations on age, sex, race, creed or colour. However, we only take on sales personnel with the deep desire to earn a substantial income and help carry our Group of companies forward.

We are seeking sales people with huge ambitions and the belief in themselves, that given the right opportunity and hard work, could make really serious money.

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