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Sales training and why you shouldn't waste your money on training your sales staff using a training company because there are better alternatives.

Having spent almost four successful decades involved in sales, from salesman, sales manager to sales director and having been at the sharp end receiving and providing sales training; I feel that I am at least qualified to express an opinion on what makes a successful sales person and how best to help them increase their sales.

I would put sales training at the very bottom of my list of priorities and I certainly wouldn't waste a penny on employing a sales training company to come in and train any of my sales staff. This statement is of course going to put the cat amongst the pigeons and no doubt provoke a response from numerous sales training companies.

However, whether you are a sales person, sales manager, director or sales trainer, over the next few pages I will put forward my arguments as to why I believe outsourced training companies are a waste of money that should leave no one in any doubt that company funds can be better invested elsewhere to increase sales.

Over the next few pages, I will cover the following subjects and explain how my company can help your sales people close more sales: This is not about sales training, it's about providing your sales staff with a constant flow of potential clients who are interested in buying your products or services.
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No doubt you found this web page hoping to find a sales training company who might help your company increase your sales. You haven't wasted your time, you just found a company better equipped to help you increase sales and deliver measurable tangible results that result in more sales and greater profits.

I should make it clear that we never have to cold call for business and close virtually every sale where we decide that we want to take the client on. We are in the envious position of being at the front of our industry where we can afford to be selective about the type of company we choose to be our clients and where a working relationship is going to be most profitable for both parties.

We practice what we preach, so read on to discover why your sales training budget would be better invested with us.

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