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Sales positions, recruitment, sales careers and jobs in selling. We are recruiting a worldwide sales force and are looking for sales personnel of exceptional high calibre.

Our ongoing sales positions recruitment campaign remains one of our most important projects. We know ho important high calibre sales executives are and reward them accordingly.

We are looking for mature, experienced men and women used to high-end business and corporate negotiations. People with exceptional talents and communication skills, who understand that success and hard work are inseparable.

We are not in the business of teaching old dogs new tricks, we are looking for business consultants who already have the tricks up their sleeve and are looking to put their experience to work.

Whilst we may have to teach you about new products and services, the sales people we are looking for are the type of salesmen and women who can grasp a concept and run with it.

We have no limitations on age, sex, race, creed or colour. However, we only take on sales personnel with the deep desire to earn a substantial income and help carry our Group of companies forward.

Our business executives are used to generating quality appointments and negotiating business deals at board and corporate level and should have an initial basic understanding of:
  • Business acquisitions
  • Corporate takeovers
  • Corporate funding and finance.
  • Share dealings and options
  • Company flotations
  • Venture capital
  • Management restructuring
The Where On Earth Group is an Anglo-Franco-Dutch company, Europe's largest internetwork with business interests spanning all international markets. It is only by fully understanding the infrastructure and business philosophy behind the Where On Earth Group that you will fully comprehend the enormous opportunities we provide for successful candidates.

Most companies face similar problems to varying degrees and we have the solutions to most of them:
  • Low or falling sales
  • Cash flow problems
  • Low or falling profits
  • Employment issues
  • Rising overheads
  • Government bureaucracy and legislation
  • Client retention
  • Increasing overheads
  • Time management
  • Increasing competition
  • Product sourcing
Now imagine facing a board of directors and asking them "If I could solve any problem you had to make your company more profitable what would be top of your wish list?"

Sometimes the solutions are simple, sometimes they are more complicated, but one thing is certain and that is: - it requires someone with the tenacity and charisma required to make the business appointment in the first place.

Do you have what it takes?

With a worldwide potential market we are looking for exceptionally high calibre, self-motivated individuals with good business brains and a genuine desire to succeed at the highest level.

Our business consultants were not just people looking for sales careers, they were people looking for a special opportunity to really advance their lifestyles.

If you are the right type of person to help develop our Group of companies, the sales possibilities and opportunities are endless.

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