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Richest entrepreneurs, how to become a successful internet entrepreneur or even the richest. Wealth through hard work and determination.

The richest entrepreneurs are people driven by an almost manic desire to succeed. Being rich is never enough, you can only spend so much. It is the act of making yourself rich that will inspire you if you are a true entrepreneur.

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Q. What are your greatest strengths?

David: Adaptability and an attention to detail.

Ian: Knowing my weaknesses, being able to say no and not being an IT Techie. I leave the technical stuff to the people who know what they are doing and just concentrate on my strengths.

Paul: Surrounding myself with people, more clever, more capable and more experienced in the areas I am weak. Plus I never give in and I have a brain that tends to work for 20 hours per day. Forcing myself to do the things I hate doing but cannot delegate.

Q. What are your greatest weaknesses and how do you overcome them?

David: Wanting to get everything done now! I try to overcome this by making myself plan and prioritise more effectively.

Ian: Not suffering fools - I don't work with them. Not being an IT Techie - I have no interest in becoming one.

Paul. Having a brain that runs for 20 hours per day. I sleep for four hours on average that seems to be enough. Administration, I hate it and delegate as much as possible because it gets in the way of the important more profitable tasks.

Q. What motivates you?

David: The control over your own destiny and your own level of success that comes from running your own business.

Ian: Seriously, I have a dislike of large corporations and public bodies with wage slaves that dictate how we should run our lives - getting one over them makes me smile… Stick up for the little guys.

Paul: Fear of failure. Money. Helping other people. Money. Success. Money. Winning. Money. I hate losing more than I like money. Well almost.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

David: Get myself to a position where I have made a vast fortune, by which point I will hopefully have sufficient time and experience to help other people make theirs.

Ian: I can't see me retiring until I go out in a box - possibly easing back from day to day activities for certain of the business ventures whilst remaining active in other areas in a non executive capacity.

Paul: As the business is expanding and accelerating so fast, I don't see myself slowing down or retiring. In fact the thought of retiring and just messing about and not doing something constructive is almost distasteful. The business is taking us, or rather being steered in a number of directions and different market sectors, so every week, we are learning something new. Everyday offers a new challenge, a new business opportunity and the chance to develop new skills. Long may it continue.

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