Reduce fuel costs, lower petrol consumption, how to reduce petrol consumption and lower the cost of motoring by using less fuel in your car

The rapidly rising cost of petrol and diesel (and gasoline if you're reading this in the States) has led to an increased awareness of the importance of maximising the fuel efficiency of our cars. Not since the fuel shortages of the 1970s have MPG (miles per gallon) figures taken on such significance amongst the nation's motorists.

At the time of writing, Americans are complaining about gas prices having broken through the $4 per gallon barrier in many parts of the country. To put that into the measurements used over here, that is around 54p per litre.

The average Brit would bite your arm off if you offered him a litre of petrol for 54p. At the moment, the average cost of a litre of unleaded petrol here in Britain is an eye-watering 119.5p per litre and for diesel it is 133p per litre. And the cost of petrol and diesel is rising every week. Motorists are therefore looking for ways to reduce fuel costs and lower petrol consumption.

Meanwhile the UK government is doing very nicely out of high petrol prices. For every 1 spent on fuel, the retailer gets about 4p and around 31p goes towards production and delivery costs. The remainder goes to the government in the form of 50.4p of duty and 14.9p of VAT. Yes - VAT is applied to the duty as well meaning that you are effectively paying tax on a tax. If you want to avoid paying tax, you have to reduce your fuel consumption.

Reduce fuel costs and lower petrol consumption and learn how to cut petrol consumption and lower the cost of motoring by using less gas in your car