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Most website designers will tell you that reciprocal links and keywords are important in search engine optimisation to increase traffic to a website. Few website designers will actually know how to set up a reciprocal linking programme correctly, fewer still will have any concept on how to use keywords for search engine optimisaton and fewer still will have any marketing tips that may increase or derive traffic to your website.

Exchanging reciprocal links, as mentioned earlier, is a pointless exercise if it is not handled correctly. Done the wrong way, it can prove expensive, time consuming and waste a lot of website designers time.

There are a lot of myths that abound about reciprocal linking and search engine optimisation in general that, if you believed and implemented all of them, you would have another EBay on your hands. The reality is that most of what you will read on other websites and in emails from companies offering reciprocal linking services, is pure unadulterated rubbish that is without foundation or evidence to prove otherwise.

If you are trying to increase traffic to your website, reciprocal linking will play only a small part in your success and nothing if the other criteria required to ensure your website gives optimum performance are not functioning properly. In other words, it is no good putting oil in your car if the head gasket has blown and it has no wheels.

Reciprocal links are really the fine tuning of your website once everything else is functioning properly. That means that:

  • Your website is hosted on the correct type of server

  • Your website has been correctly optimised for the search engines

  • Your website as a highly visited hub site

  • It carries unique content that other website will want to link to

  • The search engines can access your content or database (most websites don't allow this)

  • You have continuous increasing traffic levels

We can help with all of the above and the following;

Our Omni-Links programme delivers thousands of inbound links to your website or selected pages on your website. Or, if we also host your website, we can add a links page that is optimised for the search engines that carries links that are delivered in order of relevance to the search made through the search engines and a searchable database. The latter will generate more traffic to your website through the search engines as well as from the sites linking to your website. Our linking strategies deliver real results.

This what link popularity is all about. It is not about exchanging thousands of links with other websites, link popularity is when thousands of websites link to you without necessarily linking back. You can do this the hard expensive way, or you can use our Omni-Linking services to provide genuine link popularity.