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Any doctor or nutritionist will tell you that the fastest way to lose weight and keep it off is a sensible diet and physical exercise. If you have weight problems or have fat children, any serious physical exercise is going to be a problem. Childhood obesity has grown as a problem because children and their parents play few participation sports and eat the wrong food. La Feytaud diet addresses the problem of losing weight through healthy eating, sensible physical exercise and the problem of bullying in the office and school.

In my mid fifties I have had to come to accept that I will never play for England, win the London Marathon or break the world record for the hundred metres. I also understand that time is and will continue to take its toll on my body and that all I can do is slow the aging process down. I know that no one lives forever, but I will have a good go at being the first person to buck the system.

Keeping fit and looking young is all about healthy eating and exercise. If you are healthy, your skin looks clear, your eyes are bright, your mind is alert and you have a general feeling of well being. This can only be achieved by having a healthy lifestyle that includes eating a well balanced diet and taking regular exercise.

Plastic surgery will never achieve this no matter how much you spend. If you bodywork is decaying, the problem is internal not external. Having plastic surgery is like having you car re-sprayed when the engine is knackered. Subscribe to La Feytaud diet and lifestyle and you will see a marked improvement within a couple of months.

The level of exercise you start now will depend on your weight and fitness levels. If you are obese, taking up marathon running is likely to do more damage than good. The pressure on your joints could do irreversible damage and the strain on your heart would most likely lead to a coronary.

To start with, you should just start walking and increase distances and speed as you lose weight and feel fitter and more capable of dealing with the effort. If like me, you are middle aged or approaching middle age, the type of sport that you could participate in will be limited to golf, cricket, swimming, charity walking or supervised gym activities. If on the other hand you are younger, physical sports like jogging, rugby, football and karate are all possibilities once you have lost enough weight and built your fitness levels up.

If your child is overweight or obese, depending on his or her fitness levels, you need to encourage them to start taking walks with you. Again, this needs to be gradually built up until such time he or she feels confident enough and capable of taking part in another form of group activity.

You could try buying a punch bag and hanging it in the garage. Punch bags are great for both girls and boys to let off steam whilst exercising their heart, lungs and muscles. There will be times when they will feel the need to punch the walls and a punch bag is the perfect replacement and less damaging. Judo is another sport that your child could join very early on in the exercise programme. They will have a distinct weight advantage that will give them the confidence they will be lacking and judo will make them feel that they are good at something and help build their self esteem as well as encourage self control and discipline.

La Feytaud provides a lot of advice and guidance to help you help your child to lose weight and become a fit healthy, confident and well balanced child.

Whilst I am not suggesting for one moment that your child will play for England or represent their country at some other sport, it will help them develop both physically and emotionally and you will see a real positive difference in their manner and attitude to life. If you are serious about tackling your child's weight problems, La Feytaud is the best lifestyle and healthiest fitness program to help you achieve this.

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