The quickest way to lose weight after Christmas is to follow this diet, detox your body and take regular exercise

You've piled on the pounds over Christmas, eaten to excess, drank the Pub dry and lounged on the sofa watching the same old rubbish you have watched for the last twenty years. Now you have managed to drag your fat arse to your computer looking for the quickest way to lose weight and hoping to come up with a miracle diet program that will magically make the fat disappear.

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La Feytaud diet and lifestyle program is the quickest way to lose weight and keep the weight off but like all diets, it is only as good as you. There are no magic pills, miracle diet programs or fast ways to lose weight and keep the pounds off if you are not prepared to make the conscious decision to eat properly and take exercise.

If you are like most people; the moment you decide to go on a diet you want to eat something and head off to the fridge. Eating is a pleasurable experience and a necessity for both physical and mental well being. As soon as you decide you need to lose weight, you brain goes into protective mode and tells you to eat something. There is a simple solution to both the physical and psychological problem of dieting and it is La Feytaud.


This diet is not about starving yourself, or cutting out the things you enjoy eating. It is a diet and lifestyle that allows you to eat pretty much anything you like. It is about eating three times a day and eating several courses at lunch and dinner time so that you feel that you have eaten well. The recipes and menus can all be found through the forum which is there to provide support and mentoring and keep you on track.

Barring medical conditions, anyone who is obese is overweight because they eat and probably drink too much, eat and drink the wrong things and don't take enough exercise. There is no such thing as a slow metabolism or hereditary obesity. Your weight problem is down to you and your abuse of your body.

There are no excuses, you cannot say you don't have the time to prepare a decent meal or take regular exercise. You have all the time saving devices in your house that your grandparents never had. You have to make the decision to change your lifestyle or accept that you will always be a fat slob and die an early death.

If you are tired of looking at yourself in the mirror, hate the way other people look at you and genuinely want to lose weight in a safe way and more importantly keep the weight off, then La Feytaud is the best diet program to follow and you should start dieting after the New Year.

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