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Setting sensible targets is the key to success when joining any fast weight loss program. Even the quickest diet for losing weight will appear slow and you will quickly become despondent if you expect too much from the diet. Child obesity is a growing problem and many a fat family with obese children should be adopting a healthy lifestyle to ensure that their children don't grow up to be obese adults.

La Feytaud diet was developed to ensure the whole family can participate in a healthy, nutritious and well balanced diet by eating delicious natural food that can be purchased in any supermarket whilst enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, because the diet could cut your weekly food bills in half and does not involve buying any special diet products, La Feytaud as a diet and lifestyle is open to every family.

Weight loss will depend on how big you are now and how much exercise you do. If you are obese, clinically obese, or morbidly obese the weight should fall off in the early weeks and months. It is absolutely essential that you follow this advice.

If you have been piling the fat on for the last 20 years, commonsense has to tell you that you are not going to lose the weight in 20 days. As La Feytaud is a health lifestyle that you will be adopting as a lifelong approach to healthy eating and living, you should be looking at the long term benefits of losing weight, keeping the weight off and feeling generally fitter and more energetic.

If you want to lose 4 stone (56lbs) aim to do this over a year as it equates to a little over a pound per week. If you follow the diet to the letter and take reasonable exercise and depending on how much weight you have to lose, you should find that you will hit this target long before the year is out. Losing the weight quickly should motivate you to keep going and I promise you La Feytaud is a very easy diet to adhere to.

By reasonable exercise, I am not talking about going to the gym, jogging, swimming or taking up marathon running. Walking is a great way of burning off calories, and if have not been doing any exercise, you should start off by only doing short distances and building up distances as you lose weight.

You have put on weight because your calorific intake is greater than what you have been burning. This is down to eating too much, eating the wrong type of food and not taking enough exercise. You have got to spend less time sitting in front of the television and more time doing something physical. Try walking to work if this is not a commuter distance, or parking the car further away from work and walking in, getting off the bus or train a stop earlier and walking the rest of the way. Do the same thing on the way home. As you lose weight and feel more energetic, step up distances and speed.

When you have been doing the diet for a little while, you will find that your weight loss might slow down. This might be because you are getting close to your target weight and the last few pounds are always difficult to shift. It may also be because you are losing fat but gaining muscle and muscle is heavier than fat. Don't put too much emphasis on your weight at this stage of the diet; look instead at your body shape and clothes size which should have improved dramatically.

People come in all shapes and sizes, if you are short, La Feytaud is never going to make you tall and long legged and if you have a big frame, you will never look elfin like. You will also discover that your weight will fall off some parts of your body quicker than others. Some people will find that the weight comes off their legs but they find it more difficult to shift it off their waists and chest. This is typical in middle aged men. For women, it is often their thighs where the wait tends to stick around. Should this happen to you, once you feel fit enough to do it, you should do more aerobic exercises like swimming, gardening, light weight training etc

Above all be patient and persistent as this is a lifelong lifestyle and whilst you are losing weight, other things will be happening to your body. Over the years, it is likely that you will have built up enzymes in your body that slow you down both mentally and physically. Subscribing to La Feytaud means your body will be going though a detoxification process that will clear your system of these bad enzymes and replace them with the nutrients and vitamins that your body has been lacking. If you suffer from rheumatism, arthritis or painful joints, you should start to feel a improvement within six weeks. The diet will not cure these disorders but you should find it relieves the symptoms to some extent. This is the healthy way to lose weight.

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