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La Feytaud diet is not just a diet but a complete life changing and healthy lifestyle experience. You should not subscribe unless you are serious about losing weight, prepared to make the changes to your lifestyle or determined to ensure that your children either lose weight or grow up strong, fit, and healthy.

Subscribing to La Feytaud Diet and lifestyle programme costs 11.75 (17.50) for 12 months membership. This includes, the E-book which is packed with advice about the diet and lifestyle, the psychology of dieting and the philosophy behind the diet; access to the forum where you will get help, support, guidance and motivation direct from the originators of the diet, their children and other members; access to the members area for delicious, low calorie La Feytaud recipes.

To purchase the E-book, please click the Buy Now button below, or for more information on it click here.

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