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Buying property in Spain at the right price, buying at the right time and knowing where to buy in Spain is a minefield for inexperienced property buyers and investors.

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The Where On Earth free Spanish property finder service, has property investment agents living and working in all the property hotspots throughout Spain, including the Costa de la Luz and property for sale near Ayamonte & Nuevo Portil. This is a free to use service by anyone genuinely serious about investing or buying property in Spain. Free because it is the Spanish property developers and estate agents who use our service that pay our property finder fees.

Everything you need to know about buying and investing in property in Spain and avoid expensive mistakes.

Where to buy a property in Spain?

Where you choose to buy a Spanish property will depend entirely on your reasons for buying a property on the Costa de la Luz in Spain. If you are looking for a high return on your property investment, then some of the up and coming and relatively unknown Spanish regions like the Costa de la Luz may be of interest. Or Ayamonte & Nuevo Portil, have definite investment potential. If on the other hand, you are looking for a property to live in, then a difference of a few hundred yards in position and location, can make all the difference to the right or wrong decision.

When to buy a property in Spain?

If you are thinking of investing in property in on the Costa de la Luz, Spain, choosing the right moment is essential. If you can see a gravy train - you have usually missed it. The investors making big money out of the fast moving Spanish property hotspots, saw the potential before everyone else. Simply trying to jump on the band wagon after the train has left the station can lead to expensive mistakes.

What type of property to buy in Spain?

The type of Spanish property (Villa, apartment, Golf Course development, town house) you choose to buy will also be dependent on your reasons for buying a property on the Costa de la Luz in Spain. Are you looking to buy the property as an investment with rental income and capital growth? Are you looking to build up a Spanish investment portfolio? Will the property be used as a vacation home? Or are you looking to buy a property as your main home of residence in Spain?

Issues like future urban developments, road links and infrastructures, plans by the low cost airlines to provide cheap flights, property price trends and competition from other countries should all be taken into consideration.

Buying Spanish property without taking expert advice and guidance is like a road traffic accident waiting to happen. The problem is; if you make a mistake, there will be no personal accident lawyer able to step in and help you claim compensation.

We specialise in the Costa de la Luz, Ayamonte & Nuevo Portil in Spain to name just a few of the Spanish property developments we represent.

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