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If you are considering property investment overseas, there are a number of questions that you have to ask yourself before deciding on a destination and then parting with your money. I'm not going to advise you which countries are the best overseas property investment countries through these pages because each country has it's benefits and drawbacks and you will need to speak to our property advisors in each country to get the best advice based on your needs and wants.

Portugal remains strong, Turkey is up and coming, Cyprus is a niche market, Morocco is developing fast, Spain has flattened out, France remains popular, Bulgaria is gaining popularity and all this could change tomorrow.

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Where you buy and what you buy should be determined by what you are trying to achieve. Are you looking to buy to let? Holiday home? Main residence? Looking for short, medium or long term returns/

Accessibility, travel times, travel costs, rental returns, capital growth, insurance, stability and a myriad of other things have to be taken into consideration. You need to contact our property advisors on the ground and explain your circumstances for them to be able to advise you.

As a property investor and developer myself, I only buy in France. Would I recommend France as the best place to invest in overseas property? No not necessarily. I make money because I know the markets, I know the region, I know the best website to advertise my properties to let and I am in a position to pick up the bargains because I live here. Just because I make money, does not mean that you will also make a killing. You have to know what you are doing or you need the help of someone who does.

Would I buy property in Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey or Morocco? Very tempting when I look at the prices compared to where I live but I have resisted the temptation up to now. Why? Certainly not for financial reasons because I have colleagues doing well in these countries. However, already live in a beautiful country with a climate that suits me. I make money doing what I do and I hate travel.

On the other hand, if I liked travel, had the time to visit these other countries and fancied a pied de terre elsewhere, then any of these other countries would be very enticing. There is money in them there hills, you just need someone to show you where to dig.

Overseas property investment is a specialist area, some people make a fortune and some idiots lose their shirts. I come across both where I live all the time. If you are considering buying any property overseas, you need to do your homework and you need professional advice. Just because you know the UK property markets doesn't mean you are going to be able to make the transition to making money out of investment property overseas.

Don't make the same mistakes that other investors make by not taking advice because they thought they knew what they were doing and were buying the best property investments abroad.

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