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If you are considering investing in property abroad you either have to know what you are doing or have someone who knows the area to advise you. There is money to be made in investment property abroad and just as easily lost if you simply blunder in.

Just because you here about people making fortunes investing in property in Turkey, Spain, France, Morocco and Bulgaria and other property hot spots doesn't mean you will be able to dive in and pick up the right properties.

You have to know which countries are likely to make the best profits in the short, medium and long term, which have the best rental potential, where and in which countries to buy and often, the difference of a few hundred metres can make all the difference.

Some countries are on the up, others are dropping and in some property prices remain static. Do you buy when prices are dropping, will you know when to buy when prices are falling? Do you buy whilst they are on the up and would you know if they have peaked? Or maybe you should buy whilst prices are static and stagnating because they are about to go up. Or are they about to go down?

We have property consultants based in all the property hot spots around the world who know where to buy, what to buy and when to buy. They can save you time and money and help you avoid expensive mistakes. Their services are free because it is the developers or estate agents who pay their fees.

If you are considering investing in property abroad, it is best to talk to a consultant from each country and get the real low down on the property markets. Until you are on possession of all the facts, you should not put your money into property investment overseas.

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