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Profit from the London Olympics 2012, business opportunities to make money from the Olympic games by building a cheap website.

Whilst many people may resent having to pay extra on the council bills to fund the London Olympics, others will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of making money and the likelihood is that you could profit too. If you live in or near London, you most likely have a product or service that will be in demand and you haven't even thought of it. If I tell you, I can also show you how to profit from the Olympic games for a very small outlay.

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First of all, if you are going to make money out of the Olympics, the search engines are going to have to favour your website which is why I recommend you build a website on Utopele. Google has already indexed over a million pages related to the games and this is going to increase over the coming months. A small stand alone website is therefore going to stand no chance of being found. You have the opportunity to create awareness and make money now, during the two weeks that the games are on and for a short period afterwards.

An estimated half a million extra tourists will be visiting London to watch the games. Where are they going to stay? How are they going to get around? Where will they park? Where will they eat, drink and what will they do for entertainment?

The games are on between 27 July - 12 August 2012 and during that time an additional 500 thousand people have got to find accommodation. This means, hotel rooms and bed and breakfast accommodation is going to be at a premium.


During Wimbledon week, many residents rent out their spare rooms and many actually move out of their homes and let them for what are incredible prices. The income they get often pays their mortgage for a few months. Others charge people to park their cars on their drives because parking is such a horrendous problem. Wimbledon is a far smaller event than the Olympics and accommodation and parking is going to be a huge problem and offers home owners prepared to put up with a little discomfort the opportunity to make thousands of pounds in the fortnight or so that the Olympics are on. I expect a three bedroom house could be let for 3,000 per week paying many peoples' mortgages for several months. Not bad money and would certainly pay for a holiday abroad and show a tidy profit.

You could advertise your house, room or parking space on your drive by building a website on Utopele for a couple of hundred pounds. The time to do it is now and not wait for everyone to jump on the band wagon.

Nor do you have to be a Londoner to profit from the Olympics. With half a million people visiting the UK to watch the games and an estimated 3 billion searches been done over the internet, there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money from business opportunities coming from the Olympics.

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