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Divadani are more than just professional website designers, we work with the best search engine optimisers in Europe; we provide unique internet marketing services, quality UK web hosting, internet site design delivering high Google rankings, quality UK web hosting and website leasing and rental services for ambitious companies with serious intentions and small budgets. In short, if it involves the internet and you need a major player to help you profit from the search engines you just struck gold.

Professional website design is not just about delivering a website that looks stunning. It is about building a website that is optimised for the search engines to deliver maximum traffic so that the client profits from high levels of visitors to the site. It is about building a website that is user friendly, functions seamlessly and is easily accessed by both customers and search engines alike.

As many websites are not built for the search engines and carry databases and content that the search engines cannot access it makes sense if you wish to profit from the search engines to choose a professional website design company who have top ten Google rankings themselves for the competitive search terms needed to deliver quality traffic.

Web hosting is an important element of any website design companies internet marketing strategy. Surprisingly, most website designers do not understand the importance of providing professional web hosting facilities that are UK based, preferring to offer their clients cheap overseas hosting to appear more competitive. Even if you are with a UK based hosting company, it is highly likely that the servers they are using are based overseas because they are cheaper to rent. On the face of it, this might appear to be a sensible business decision. However, if you own a .com domain and it is hosted overseas, your .com website will not appear in the UK only pages search facility on Google.

This is of course financially disastrous as far as your website is concerned and you would think it was basic commonsense, but many website designers do not understand how the search engines work and make many other fundamental errors.

If you have a website that is not getting much traffic, this should be the first thing you should check. If you discover that your website is being hosted abroad, what other mistakes has your current website company made that is costing you money?

Professional website design, because it involves search engine optimisation always comes at a premium. We are not in the business of competing with cheap website designers who churn out websites that are not built for the search engines. Instead we compete on performance. We believe that, giving the chance to demonstrate our internet marketing strategies, we can out perform any website design company on the internet. We believe that you shouldn't look at the cost of building a website but at the financial cost to you if the website fails to deliver the results you need.

To ensure the website we build gain the maximum amount of traffic possible, we also offer the following internet marketing services:

We also understand that many smaller companies cannot afford the outlay of a professionally built, fully customised and optimised website so have a number of options for you to consider.

Type best website designers in Europe into Google and you will find us in the top ten of the Google organic listings. If you need a website built that is going to outperform your competitors, you need the best website design and search engine optimisation for Google.