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Type website design into Google and you are likely to get somewhere in the region of 800 million pages returned containing that key phrase. This does not mean that all these pages refer to website designers, it simply means they carry these two words. It does however mean that if you are looking for a professional website design company that uses best search engine optimisation techniques and provides internet marketing services you have got your work cut out.

You can cut your search down by simply typing best website designers into Google and taking your pick from the top ten, because these are the professional website design companies who know how the search engines work and use the best search engine optimisation techniques to get themselves into a position where potential clients are going to see them. Presumably, if you are looking for a good website designer you will want them to be able to do the same for you.

There are all types of websites ranging from the free websites that nobody ever sees, cheap template websites that can be built by anyone with a programme that get virtually zero traffic, websites built by website designers who don't understand how to build websites for the search engines that cost a few thousand pounds and professionally built websites that are optimised for the search engines and are found in the top ten of Google. We build the latter.

We don't compete on price, we know that any backroom website designer can churn out a website that looks pretty for a few grand; knowing full well that the client will never earn a penny from it. We compete on performance and can demonstrate through the search engines the difference between a cheap website that will be a total waste of money and a professionally built and optimised website that will generate high levels of search engine traffic.

You have to decide if you want to waste money or make money because choosing a website designer based on price is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. As most of our clients started out by wasting money on a cheap website before turning to us for help, it would make sense to ask us first before making the same mistake.

Most websites are not built for the search engines. When we build websites they are optimised by the best search engine optimisers on the internet. This gives us a distinct advantage over any other professional website design company. Quite simply, we design websites that get results.

If you are a company that wants to become a serious player on the internet, any research through the search engines will turn our website up in the top ten of Google which is where the money is made. Turning to a website design company purely based on price and you are committing your website to the bowels of the search engines which is where any cheap website designers site will be languishing.

Using us is all well and good if you are a large company that knows it has to invest to get results but what do you do if you are a small business with serious internet ambitions. We understand that you should not be restricted by your lack of buying power so can provide a number of solutions.

Whether you are a large company looking for a new website design or a small business hoping to make a major impression on the internet, you need to employ the services of professional website designers.