Professional website designers and optimizers for top ten Google placement. Gaining top ten ranking on Google by correct search engine optimization is something best left to professionals.

Most professional search engine optimization companies can achieve top ten Google placement with a few well known and proven optimization techniques, but when you are working in a highly competitive market place your choice of optimization companies is extremely limited.

If you are looking for advice on optimizing a website where Google and other search engines have less than a couple of million pages indexed on searches related to your business, sometimes a few well chosen keywords and meta tags will suffice, providing your website is correctly constructed, hosted on the right type of server, has plenty of related inbound links and you have enough related content.

If on the other hand Google has indexed over 10 million pages, forget the thought of doing this yourself. If Google has 20 million pages or more you need to employ the best search engine optimizers.

Obtaining top ten placement on Google is never easy and certainly not guaranteed. This is why we never charge up front for our services, preferring to be paid once the agreed results have been achieved.

Top ten Google placement where Google has millions of pages indexed can be achieved by legitimate search engine optimization, if done properly using a combination of some or all of the following depending on the project involved. Page content, deep content, deep linking, networking, links from related websites and web pages, semi-static pages, static data, related content, stacking pages, increased traffic levels, keywords, parked systems, clustering, related key phrases, partitioned content, link popularity, integrated links, data hooking, related traffic levels to linked sites, bait page set ups, formatted feeds, Omni-Linking, Spartacus pages, multiple web portals, networked content, mercurial content, non generic platforms, how often the content is updated and changed and hundreds of other tried and tested methods.

Most website designers and search engine optimizers won't even know what most of this is, do not understand Omni-Linking, how to build Spartacus pages or even what they are. Most search engine optimizers won't have the resources or infrastructure to be able to cluster or stack pages, so will never be able to obtain top ten placement on Google for any client who is operating in a competitive market.


Forget all the garbage that you can read about search engine optimization on other websites. Top ten placement on Google can normally be gained within 10 to 14 days of the completion of a project not the months other optimizers claim it takes to climb the search engines.

Most of the problems with search engine optimization are the misleading or blatantly wrong theories that are published on the Internet that other optimizers read and take as Gospel. Much of this rubbish is published by people feeding their own egos, but the problem with all myths and legends is they are sometimes believable and taken as fact.

If you have a website that you needs optimizing, why not have a chat to us.

Website design combined with legitimate search engine optimization can turn a poor performing website into a high performance money earning business. Don't leave the design and optimization of your website in the hands of an amateur.