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Scopula are search engine optimizers working with specialist website designers, specialising in legitimate optimization techniques and methodology to gain optimum traffic through Google.

We are an Anglo-Franco-Dutch professional website design and optimization company with associate offices throughout Europe and the USA and therefore likely to have an affiliate office near you.

There are few search engine optimizers working throughout the world, with a clear understanding of how to gain top ten rankings on Google. Most search engine optimizers operate in the same way, using optimization techniques and methodology that they have learned by reading up on the subject on the Internet. Another technique that search engine optimizers use, is to look at a website and try to emulate the meta tags and keywords in the hope of getting the same results.

The problem with this technique is that 80% of all legitimate optimization is not visible to the naked eye. So just copying and pasting another websites source code into another website will make no difference whatsoever. The idiots who do this and claim to be search engine optimizers, usually do more damage than good and are normally the optimizers who are reading all the other rubbish printed on the web and taking it as gospel.

This is just one reason why you should never pay search engine optimizers in advance for their services.

Other search engine optimizers ask our advice all the time and we never cease to be amazed at how little they know, or really understand about search engine optimization and are blindly following optimization techniques, which are blatantly, obviously wrong. The fact is, you cannot just look at a website and understand why it is top of Google. If it were that simple, monkeys would be able to do it as opposed to some of the chimps that are doing it at the moment.

Search engine optimizers tend to fall into several categories. 1. Idiots that know a little about search engine optimization and believe they know it all. 2. Website designers that know nothing about search engine optimization but think they know enough to get by. 3. Optimizers who know they don't know it all but have a clearer understanding of how the search engine work than the rest.

Category 1 tend to be the ones that are forever publishing information on the Internet, forums and sending out continuous emails about how good they are at search engine optimization, which is where most of the rubbish published about the subject comes from in the first place and is accepted as fact by other optimizers in categories 1. & 2.

Some idiot publishes a stupid optimization theory on a website, other idiots read it and republish the theory with another twist, more idiots then include this information in the monotonous newsletters they send out and the idiot who posted the first pile of rubbish receives the email and takes it as conformation that his original theory was correct.

Is there any wonder that search engine optimization employs so many idiots in the pursuit of unobtainable results through ridiculous techniques and methods. Think about it for goodness sake. The internet is growing so fast that the search engines cannot keep up with it, yet there are people out there that actually think there are set procedures and techniques that someone can follow and propel their website past hundreds of millions of other web pages.

Search engine optimizers in category 2 base their whole SEO principals on the rubbish published by category 1 and so wonder why their clients complain continuously. Category 3 optimizers, tend to keep their information and knowledge to themselves because they make their money out of the ignorance of everyone else in the business.

Go to Google and type in - professional search engine optimizers - and/or - professional website optimizers - and see which optimization companies are in the top ten rankings for both searches. It stands to reason that these are the companies who really understand how the search engines work. Any company claiming that they can get you a top ten ranking on Google but cannot do it for themselves are your category 1 and 2 optimizers.

Search engine optimization is a skill that requires long term research and understanding of the search engines. There are no magical formulas, no programmes that can suddenly propel your website into the top rankings of the search engines and if any SEO thinks it is all about keywords, meta tags, content and links, they only have 20% of the picture.

Optimizing a website and pushing it past hundreds of millions of pages for a popular key term cannot be done with a few keywords and meta tags and few search engine optimizers have the knowledge to achieve this.

Search engine optimization that requires obtaining top ten rankings on Google for high volume, popular key search is labour intensive, time consuming and requires enormous research and understanding of the search engine algorithms. Common sense must tell any sensible business person that it cannot be that simple to gain top ten rankings when Google and the other major search engines have hundreds of millions of web pages indexed for popular key phrases.

Talk to the search engine optimization company who put these pages in the top of the search engines.

Legitimate search engine optimizers are confident of their abilities to gain top ten rankings on Google and do not charge up front fees for their services. Scopula judge each project and based on its merits, your website, your competition and numerous other facts, decide whether your proposal is realistic and achievable. If they believe it would not be in your best interests, they will recommend that you opt for pay per click advertising. This is normally when the costs due to the work involved required to optimize your site, would be better invested elsewhere.

Scopula, work in this way and will advise you if the job would be both economic and profitable to have done Scopula have a far greater understanding of how the search engines operate and search engine optimization than any other company.

If you have an optimization project, we recommend that you make contact. It cost nothing to ask

Correct search engine optimization and professional website design combined can turn a poor performing website into a high performance money earning business.