Professional search engine optimization for top 10 Google rankings. Obtaining top ten ranking on Google by legitimate SEO is something few search engine optimizers can achieve.

Where Google has hundreds of millions of web pages indexed for a competitive search term, common sense must tell you that a few well chosen keywords and Metatags will never be enough to gain the top positions in the search engines. If it were that simple, websites would be changing places every ten minutes.

Everybody wants top 10 rankings on Google nowadays, because Google is by far the most popular of all the search engines. There are SEO companies who will claim to be able to achieve this for you, but few can do it for the essential key phrases you need to get the traffic levels required.

Don't be fooled into thinking that uncompetitive search terms will dramatically increase visitors to your website. Some optimization companies will try to persuade you that this could be a profitable path to follow. The only way you will really increase revenue from your site is if it is optimized for search terms that are being used by tens of thousands of people, not a handful who may opt for an unusual key phrase.

If Google has tens or hundreds of millions of pages indexed for the essential key words you need your website to be highly ranked, never pay any money up front, even on the guarantee of a refund. Obtaining top ten rankings on Google is never easy and certainly not guaranteed. This is why we never charge up front for our services, preferring to be paid once the agreed results have been achieved. We are confident of our search engine optimization skills and only take a job on if we believe it can be achieved within a sensible financial budget.

Top 10 Google rankings where Google has millions of pages indexed can only be obtained long term, by legitimate, correct search engine optimization. Proper search engine optimization can include any of the following, depending on the website involved and the type of websites you are in competition with:

  • Page content and deep content are essential, as are deep linking, networking, links from related websites and web pages.
  • Traffic levels, keywords, parked systems, clustering and related key phrases, all play a major role.
  • Semi-static pages, static data, related content, stacking pages, partitioned content, link popularity, integrated links all participate in how a website is ranked.
  • Data hooking, bait page set ups, formatted feeds, Omni-Linking, Spartacus pages, multiple web portals, networked content, mercurial content, non generic page creation, how often the content is updated and changed will determine the length of time your website remains highly ranked and how difficult it will make it for other SEO's to displace you.

Most website designers and search engine optimization companies won't even know what most of this is, do not understand clustering, data hooking or stacking or even what they are. Most search engine optimizers won't have the resources or infrastructure to be able to cluster or stack pages, so will never be able to obtain long term top ten rankings on Google for any client who is operating in a competitive market.

Most of the above are techniques and phraseology developed by us to determine internal company procedures when researching a project. Lately, we have seen newsletter emails from other optimization companies using our phraseology. In every instant, they had simply lifted text from our websites but without a genuine or credulous explanation of how these techniques work or what they actually are or do.

Forget all the rubbish that you can read about search engine optimization on other websites and how long it will take for a search engine to index or rank a website. Our top ten rankings on Google are normally gained within 10 to 14 days of the completion of an optimization project not the months other optimizers claim it takes to climb the search engines. If you are being told your website is in the Google sandbox, your designer or optimizer are in cloud cuckoo land.

Most of the problems with search engine optimization are the misleading and stupid theories that are published on the Internet that other optimizers read and take as Gospel.

If you have a website that you needs optimizing, why not have a chat to us.

Search engine optimization and website design combined can turn a poor performing website into a high performance money earning business.