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Read what our clients have to say having successfully used us to claim through our personal injury insurance services.

Mr P of Brighton
"Thank you for all your assistance. I did not believe I had any hope of winning my personal injury insurance claim when I fell head over heels over a broken kerb in the street and the local authorities denied liability. With your assistance and by gathering and documenting the evidence required to prove my case, I received 1500.00 compensation and at no risk to me!"

Miss J of Devon
"I was amazed that I received 4500.00 in personal injury insurance compensation after using your injury insurance solicitor. I was at my place of work when I tripped over a loose carpet and fell down a 15 step flight of stairs and broke my arm and twisted my right ankle. I phoned another personal injury firm before trying you and was told my claim stood little chance of success and did not want to take it on."

Mrs K - Glasgow
"When someone opened a telephone box door and struck my son in the face, it broke his nose causing severe headaches for weeks. With the help of your injury insurance claim company, an injury solicitor was appointed and guided us through the entire legal process. I am happy to advise that the injury insurance claim has been settled and my son has made a 100% recovery from his injuries. We even got compensation insurance for his new glasses that also got broken."

Mr P - Belfast
"I was cycling into town when the front wheel of my bike hit a very deep pot hole which bent the wheel and stopped my bike whilst I flew over the handlebars! Your injury claim solicitor informed the local authorities and after showing them photos of my injury and the pot hole, they accepted full liability. I received 2500.00 in insurance compensation and a new wheel for my bike! Thanks guys."

Mrs T - Cambridge
"I would just like to thank you for the way in which you handled my personal injury insurance claim. When my car was struck side on by a speeding white van, it wrecked my car and almost finished me off as well. I had a fractured leg, broken arm, concussion, was unconscious, and was in hospital for almost a month. It has taken me nearly two years to recover and to get my injury insurance claim settled but I have just received 11,000 in the post which has helped enormously to put the matter behind me."