Pay per click advertising services and search engine optimisation experts specialising in Google.

You may already be running a pay per click advertising campaign and found that you are getting the visitors but it is costing a fortune with little financial return. Alternatively, you may be thinking of setting up your own PPC advertising and are looking for advice. Most of our clients turned to our pay per click advertising services after running up bills and realising that there is no replacement for experience and knowledge.

It is one thing to get a lot of traffic running through your website and pay per click advertising can do this within 24 hours; it is something else to get the quality of traffic and turn those visitors into sales. Pay per click can be either expensive or highly profitable or something in between. It needs managing and refining and that takes time and experience and if you are doing it yourself it will also cost you a small fortune.

Pay per click produces immediate results as opposed to search engine optimisation that takes time to kick in. The difference is that when someone visits your website through the natural listings as opposed to the sponsored links, you are not paying per click. There is an argument for both and we would recommend that you explore both avenues.

The best business decision you can make is to talk to us.


Managing the keywords and bid prices is the key to any successful pay per click advertising campaign is essential. Knowing which key phrases to target, monitoring and controlling the costs takes experience. Many website owners often try running their own PPC campaigns themselves before turning to us to help reduce costs and ensure the campaign proves profitable.

Natural search engine optimisation is a long term project to grow your business through the organic listings. Pay per click advertising, on the other hand, must be handled like any other form of paid advertising; carefully with a clear, definable and quantifiable medium term goal. It is about measuring the sales conversions against the costs and number of click throughs. Your job is to manage the sales conversions, our task is to help generate the quality enquiries.

We will be happy to review your current pay per click account and advise you if we believe we can make it more profitable.

As well as having experts who manage pay per click advertising accounts, we also employ some of the best search engine optimisation experts in Europe and have a department dedicated to generating quality sales leads.

If you have a website, but you aren't attracting the quality visitors you need to generate the sales and profits you expected, then we can help get pay per click advertising working for your website. We will do everything for you to get your pay per click account working for you so you can focus on the profitable activities involved in running your business.