Overweight parents * infertility * obese child * healthy diet * lack of exercise * fitness regimes * keeping fit * hereditary obesity does not exist

Overweight and obese parents normally produce overweight and obese children due to their diet during pregnancy and the diet the family eats as a whole. Obesity is not hereditary as some people will have you believe. Obesity only runs in families due to the poor and excessive diet the whole family follows which is a sure indication of irresponsible parenting.

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When you look at the statistics of the growing number of infertile men and women needing fertility treatment in the west, it should be of major concern to all overweight people that they could be producing heirs that will not be capable of continuing their blood line. We are fast approaching a situation where western men are becoming more feminine and the continuance of our race becoming more dependent on the test tube.

Little sympathy should be given to overweight people who continue to overeat and eat the wrong type of food. They put immense pressure on the health service, are more susceptible to illness and other medical conditions, claim more social benefits and have more time off work than any other section of the community.

Obese families continue to add to these social problems without any apparent desire to change. Their obesity, with the exception of very few with medical conditions is down to excessive eating and laziness in their unwillingness to change, prepare decent meals or do any form of strenuous exercise.

Obesity however is not the only cause of the underlying weaknesses that are becoming apparent is recent generations. Whilst junk food diets and excessive eating habits are the main cause, our bodies are also becoming weaker and more susceptible to viruses and bacteria with fat and overweight people being the most vulnerable because of our general lifestyles.

Fifty years ago we walked more, did more manual tasks around the house and expected and asked more of our bodies. We didn't all drive cars, we had few of the labour saving devices we have today and did more manual and physical jobs.

Mankind is evolving into a soft, weak specimen that expects machines to do everything for him. An hour in the gym is not the same as eight or ten hours of physical work and exercise. Our children sit on their fat little backsides playing computer games, watching television and just generally lounging about.

Walk around any UK supermarket and you will see row upon row of poison wrapped up in fancy packages with the aisles blocked by gross women with obese children in tow, piling their trolleys with this junk. Nobody forces these disgusting specimens to eat this junk, they must know that their innate laziness will shorten their children's lives, lead to all sorts of medical problems and no doubt cause infertility and impotency.

Thank you mother for sentencing your child to a life of loneliness and misery. Your child's medical problems are down to you and you are guilty of something close to manslaughter by neglect. Maybe talking to parents in this way instead of the namby-pamby, politically correct approach where people skirt around the subject and try to gently cajole parents to act responsibly will bring them up short.

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Overweight parents * infertility * obese child * healthy diet * lack of exercise * fitness regimes * keeping fit * hereditary obesity does not exist

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