Optimizing a website for Google to get top ten position. Website optimization services by search engine optimizers who understand the search engines.

Optimizing a website specifically for Google will most likely mean sacrificing gaining high rankings on a number of other major search engines. It is the old cliché about pleasing all of the people some of the time but not pleasing all of the people all of the time.

If you want to please Google all of the time, you have to sacrifice pleasing the other search engines all of the time. These problems can be overcome by optimizing additional pages to please all of the search engines, but you have to calculate the extra costs involved against any potential extra traffic.

Never pay search engine optimizers in advance for their services. Search engine optimization is not like website design where you can see and receive a finished product. If a search engine optimizer is genuinely confident of getting the results you are looking for in the organic results of the search engines, they will be happy to invoice you only when they have achieved the agreed results.

However, you should always ensure that the key phrases you want your website to be optimized for are the competitive search terms that people are using.

If you stick to this golden rule, you won't get caught out by the rogue companies who charge upfront, make false claims and in many cases, do nothing or very little for the money they charge.

Another test is to go to Google and type in - search engine optimizers - and/or - website optimizers - and see which optimization companies are in the top ten for both searches. It stands to reason that these are the companies who really understand how the search engines work. Any company claiming that they can get you a top ten ranking on Google but cannot do it for themselves are likely to be a waste of money.

Search engine optimizers that genuinely understand the search engines are relatively few. Most optimization companies base their procedures on information that is readily accessible on the Internet. The problem is that most of this information is wrong, out of date, deliberately misleading or biased towards selling a product or service.

If Google has tens or even hundreds of millions of pages indexed for a key phrase relevant to your website, it stands to reason that it is not a simple task to dislodge the best performing sites by optimizing a website with a few keywords and well placed meta tags. The reality is - Search engine optimization is a skill that requires long term study and understanding. There are no magical formulas and no programmes that can suddenly launch you into the higher echelons of the search engines.

Ignore any optimization company that claims they have a special relationship with Google or guarantees you top ten positions on Google and or other search engines. Google state that this is not true and that they have no special working relationships with any search engine optimizers.

Internet sites can only benefit from high levels of search engine traffic if they are optimized for popular keyphrases that people use in high volumes and very few search engine optimizers have the skills to achieve this.

Search engine optimization that involves gaining top ten rankings for high volume competitive key phrases is labour intensive, requires enormous research and a thorough understanding of the search engines. Common sense must tell you that it cannot be that simple to gain top ten rankings when Google and the other major search engines have hundreds of millions of web pages indexed for popular key words.

Avoid any optimization companies that make guarantees, demand payment in advance, have some kind of miracle programme, special relationships with the search engines or send you an unsolicited email.

Talk to the search engine optimization company who put these pages in the top of the search engines.


Legitimate search engine optimizers are confident of their abilities to gain top ten rankings and do not charge up front for their services. We look at each project and based on its merits, your website, your competition and numerous other facts, decide whether your proposal is realistic. Sometimes, if we believe it would not be in your best interests, we will recommend that you opt for pay per click advertising. This is normally when the costs due to the work involved required to optimize your site, would be better invested elsewhere.

Scopula, work in this way and will advise you if the job would be both economic and profitable to have done.

Genuine search engine optimization is not a ten minute job, nor is it something that anyone can do. It would be like do it yourself brain surgery and from a business point of view, just as dangerous as the results can be terminal.

We have a far greater understanding of how the search engines operate and search engine optimization than any other company.

If you have an optimization project, we recommend that you make contact. It cost nothing to ask

Website design combined with legitimate search engine optimization can turn a poor performing website into a high performance money earning business. Don't leave the design and optimization of your website in the hands of an amateur.