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Online advertising can be a bottomless pit if you don’t really understand how the search engines and Internet work. The first thing to do is to determine your online marketing budget and stick to it. What financial return are you looking for from your online advertising? What are your client demographics? Do you have a product or service that people are looking for online? Is your target market local, national or worldwide? These are all questions we will ask you if you ask our advice We will know the answers to some of these questions but you know your business better than us.

Like all advertising, online advertising should return you financial results in direct relation to your advertising spend. You cannot expect to generate a high income from a small budget. Nor grow a company without investing in advertising. However, with this in mind, you can start out small and test the water before committing yourself to a larger financial investment.


This FREE online display advertising should be your first starting point especially if you have a low advertising budget. Used correctly, this free advertising is capable of generating a high level of enquiries but there are certain conditions that you must abide to.

Online advertising Antiques
Online advertising Arts & Crafts
Online advertising Birthday Gifts
Online advertising Books
Online advertising Camping / equipment
Online advertising Car accessories
Online advertising Cars/vans/motorbikes
Online advertising Christmas Presents
Online advertising Clothes / fashion accessories
Online advertising Computers/accessories
Online advertising Electrical goods
Online advertising Entertainment
Online advertising fishing/tackle
Online advertising Golf/equipment
Online advertising Homeopathic medicine
Online advertising Household items
Online advertising Holidays
Online advertising Hotels/B&B
Online advertising Insurance
Online advertising Mobile Phones/accessories
Online advertising Miscellaneous items
Online advertising Music
Online advertising Pets
Online advertising Property for sale
Online advertising Property to rent
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Online advertising Swimming Pools
Online advertising Swimming Pool Accessories
Online advertising Restaurants
Online advertising Wanted items
Online advertising Weddings


The links to the left hand side can be used for placing FREE classified adverts. Once again, anything advertised here must be offered CHEAPER than you are advertising them elsewhere. Visitors to these pages know that they are getting the best possible deals and return to these pages on a regular basis. The better the deal you offer, the more enquiries you will get.

Your advertisements actually appear on a number of web pages optimised for searches related to anything - cheap, cheapest, discount, free advertising and free Internet advertising affording you the possibility to be found by both bargain hunters and people placing advertisements. With this type of free advertising, it is crucial that you use eye-catching text, make it clear what you are advertising and don’t use ten words when one will do.


This online advertising is FREE, takes two minutes and puts your website link on hundreds of directories. In return you have to put the logo and link to the main directory on your HOME page effectively linking thousands of websites to your website. This is a five minute job for any Webmaster.

This multiple linking system will drive an enormous amount of related traffic to your website and, if your website is correctly optimised, also help with search engine positioning. If your website is not correctly optimised, I recommend that you talk to the experts.

Another major benefit of this system is that you only have one link running away from your website whilst thousands are linking back. Acquiring thousands of links like this can take years and a large financial investment. Exchanging links with other websites to gain link popularity is a worthless exercise because reciprocal links negate each other. This system does it all for FREE.


Buying online advertising can be expensive and time consuming. Hours spent on research on the Internet won’t show you the big picture because it takes years to fully understand what is really happening. Dealing with numerous companies can be confusing – who said what, which website, how much, where and when. This inexpensive system can put your advert on hundreds of web pages costing less than a 10 pence each.

This means that your advert is being seen on a variety of related and unrelated web pages. This system gives you a wide spread of page views for a very small outlay. The client may not have been looking for you, but like newspaper advertising, if your advert is seen, a sale could result.


If the truth is told, the vast majority of advertisements online are rarely seen by anyone. The reason for this is simply because most Internet sites get very little traffic, no matter what they claim. There are countless reasons for this, but the main reason is that the search engines never deliver these websites to the top of their search results for the most important search terms. The same websites tend to be in the top ten of the search engines for all the competitive related searches. So, whilst a few websites are getting thousands of visitors everyday, the majority get a handful.

If you are in the travel, holiday, property or restaurant business, this system will advertise your business on scores of websites with one simple application. Far more economic and profitable than trying to deal with and pay to advertise on scores of individual websites.

If you advertise your website in a newspaper you can be fairly sure of hitting your target audience.

Online advertising doesn’t work like that. You advertise your services of website on a large internet directory and then you depend on the expertise of the Internet company to ensure that their portal and in particular, the page you are advertising on, comes up in the top ten of the related search results. Pick the right online advertising medium and your advert will be found through hundreds of search engines for thousands of different related key phrases.

If you run another type of business and need advice about advertising on the Internet you need to talk to us.

Your business, we assume is important to you. You would take that as a given, but it is amazing how little research people do when it comes to their advertising and marketing. So take the time to explore the online advertising opportunities through the links on the right hand side of this page.

Profitable Internet advertising starts with us.


BOOP provides Internet advertising from just £1.00 and this charge is only made to give added protection to buyers from fraudulent advertisers. BOOP is a great way to sell your house, holidays, cars and much more. Amazingly, when you advertise on BOOP you also get FREE advertising on BOOGAMI


BOOGAMI offers Internet advertising to anyone who is prepared to offer their goods and services CHEAPER than they are being advertised elsewhere. You advertise your goods at the full asking price on BOOP but advertise them at the cheapest price on BOOGAMI So buyers can see that they are making genuine savings on the best possible deals.


If you are investing in television, radio, newspaper or Internet advertising with a view to driving more traffic to your website, it is essential that your website doesn’t let you down. Having succeeded in motivating high numbers of visitors to your website, you want your visitors to be immediately captivated by the design, you want it to be easy to use and it needs to be visually appealing so that it stands out from the bland image projected by your competitors.

It is also imperative that it performs in the search engines, so that people surfing the Internet, find it and as a result of your advertising, instantly recognise who you are and choose to visit your site as a result. We are Europe’s leading search engine optimisers working with the UK’s most dynamic and innovative designers. Together, we combine to make an unbeatable website design team.


Online advertising using competitions as a marketing medium can prove a very economic yet profitable way of promoting your website. There is little point in running a competition on your own website if you are looking at ways to increase traffic. We have an economic yet fantastic way of driving huge traffic to your site if you want to put up a prize in one of our competitions.

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