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Parents have to take responsibility for their children's' weight problems. For goodness sake, this is not a subject for people to tip toe around and try to be politically correct. We are talking about the health of a nation, overweight children become fat adults and often die early because of obesity related illnesses.

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However, the solution always rests with the parents and their own eating habits. I often speak to people who say that obesity is hereditary in their family. This is total, absolute rubbish and like saying that having car accidents is hereditary.

Families are fat because the children inherit the poor diet that their parents feed them. If you as an adult each junk food and feed it to your children, they will also grow fat. If you sit on your fat arse all day and watch television, then your children are likely to follow suit.

Obesity is rarely illness related, there is no such thing as a fat gene, it cannot be caught like a virus but it is easily passed on and spread by lazing parenting and irresponsible dietary control. Teach your child to eat rubbish and it will grow up to be a fat, lazy unhealthy adult.

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On the other hand, feed a child a nutritious well balanced diet, get a child involved in sport, teach it to eat correctly and the child will grow up to become a fit and healthy adult and lead a full and meaningful life.

It infuriates me when I see how little pride people take in themselves and the excuses they make for being overweight. Where I live in France, there are few cases of obesity. Obviously there are exceptions, but in the main, people take pride in their appearance, eat well but healthy food and the women and men could be considered to be elegant.

Not so in the USA and UK as I discovered to my horror on a recent visit to Brighton. If this town is anything to go by then they have forgotten what it is to eat a healthy diet.

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