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No deposit mortgages, 100% mortgages, competitive interest rates, best deals arranged by mortgage brokers who specialise in no deposit, 100% mortgages.

With today's high property prices, finding a deposit for your first home can be difficult, and no deposit mortgages just don't exist any more. So you might want to click and read some ideas for how you can build up a deposit as quickly as possible.

A few years ago, we'd have been able to introduce you to Mortgage Consultants who were specialists in helping buyers get the information they need to find the best 100% mortgage deals at the most competitive interest rates. Even if you had been turned down by a high street mortgage lender there were mortgage advisers who may be able to help.

But now things are different. Unless you have a deposit of at least 5% (or in most cases 10%) you are not going to get a mortgage. The days of the no deposit mortgage are gone and are unlikey to reappear. Ten to fifteen years ago, a number of mortgage lenders were starting to recognise the no deposit problem, and it wasn't long before there was an excellent chance you might be able to obtain a 100% mortgage.

In some circumstances, you might even have been able to arrange a mortgage for up to 125% of the value of your new property.

This can help cover some of the additional costs of moving or buying your first house or go towards the decoration or buying furniture for your new home.

To talk to a mortgage broker about how you can find the best mortgage deal for your needs, please click here.

You can use our free mortgage calculators to calculate your borrowing limits for mortgages and remortgages, by clicking here.