Newspaper advertising in the Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, Observer newspaper, Independent on Sunday Newspaper and mail on Sunday. Newspaper advertising is a great way to reach a targeted audience. If you are thinking of advertising in the newspapers speak to us.

Newspaper advertising should form a part of any advertising campaign. Do not make the mistake of believing that the Internet has replaced newspaper advertising as a marketing medium – quite the contrary. Newspaper advertising places an even greater role in promoting your website than it has ever done.


Speaking directly to the advertising sales team of any newspaper is not necessarily going to get you unbiased advice. Their advertising sales teams are then to sell you advertising and will endeavour to sell you an advertising slot. Remember that newspaper advertising sales people only represent their own newspaper. It is far better to be advised by a media buyer. Your product or service may be better advertised in a newspaper that has a readership more suited to your business and we can provide the best advice.

As media buyers and advertising consultants, we can advise you which national newspapers have the most appropriate readership profiles for your target audience. We know which newspapers return the best results for particular products and services. We know how to position advertisements to get the best results. We can even design your advertisement. Our prices also include the cost of producing a high impact visually pleasing advertisements for you. (We'll even come up with a first draft without you having to commit to anything).

Our job is to establish exactly what you want from your newspaper advertising. We do this by looking at your product or service, your client demographics, whether you want your advertising to create brand awareness or high immediate responses. Whatever your needs, we will design and place a single advertisement or come up with an advertising campaign that fits your budget. You can start small and as your order books fill up and you expand, we can develop an ongoing newspaper advertising campaign that grows with your business.

To avoid costly mistakes, you really do need to speak to us.

People don’t buy newspapers to read the advertisements. Unless your advertisement is eye catching, well positioned with a high impact message that will get the desired results, you could end up very disappointed. We can provide you with unbiased advice about which newspaper magazine supplements are likely to obtain the best results.

We buy advertising in the colour magazines of the Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, Mail on Sunday, Independent on Sunday and Observer newspapers. With a combined readership over 10 million, we can help you advertise your business to the United Kingdom ABC1 readers with high disposable incomes and online buying habits.


Newspaper circulation and readership is important when devising an advertising campaign. The links below will give you an idea of the demographic readership of each newspaper. However, it is still advisable to discuss your advertising ideas with us before plunging in or making a decision of any kind.


The Observer newspaper on Sunday is a modern, ten-sectioned national title offering a combination of main news and special interest magazines.

Attracting well over a million readers every Sunday, The Observer has achieved its success through a policy of vibrant product development and unrivalled journalistic excellence.


The Sunday Telegraph's new, lively, full-colour 80-page guide to the best of everything the UK has to offer in film, comedy, music, theatre, dance, television, technology, all-night sessions, books, cars, gigs and concerts. The TV and radio listings give readers a reason to keep it; the big-name writers ensure they enjoy it. Seven's a week's worth of great ideas in one place. It is immediately accessible to the casual reader, while offering engaging reads for the week ahead.


The Independent's Sunday Review is an eclectic editorial mix of arts, media, lifestyle and travel. It attracts a core group of 476,000 ABC1 urban professionals who access the Internet more frequently than any other Sunday magazine.

Independent readers tend to be less price sensitive and enjoy the diversity that shopping on the Internet offers. The Sunday Review is arguably the best value introduction to Web Windows, offering the lowest test rates per insertion.


The Sunday Times Magazine is diverse in it's subject matter and spans the spectrum of eclectic lifestyle features and agenda setting articles. The fine writing and the depth of research, has ensured its position as the pioneer newspaper supplement.

It is the home of investigative journalism in The Sunday Times package. It has the budget and the bravery to devote time, money and space to uncovering the truth behind issues in today's society.

Loaded with attention grabbing photography and full of well-loved weekly features, The Sunday Times Magazine is a must read in The Sunday Times package.

  • 83% of Sunday Times Magazine readers enjoy owning good quality things.
  • 46% believe they have a very good sense of style.
  • Newspapers influence 29% of Sunday Times Magazine readers choice of holidays


You Magazine is the only genuine women's magazine of all the newspaper supplements, providing higher coverage of ABC1 women than any other weekly or monthly women's title.

Its mix of in-depth features and health, beauty, fashion, interiors and food pages make it a regular read for over 3 million women (and 2.3 million men!) every week.


Televisual Magazine's survey of the top commercials production companies has put Space City at Number 1 for five consecutive years. That's because we make more TV commercials than any other UK company. We specialise in Cost - effective Commercials - made on tight budgets, ideal for first time advertisers or challenger brands.


Radio Commercials recorded and produced in our own in house studio. Space City can help you with every stage of production. We set very high standards of reliability and efficiency; we stick to deadlines and budgets.


If you are investing in television, radio, newspaper or Internet advertising with a view to driving more traffic to your website, it is essential that your website doesn’t let you down. Having succeeded in motivating high numbers of visitors to your website, you want your visitors to be immediately captivated by the design, you want it to be easy to use and it needs to be visually appealing so that it stands out from the bland image projected by your competitors.

It is also imperative that it performs in the search engines, so that people surfing the Internet, find it and as a result of your advertising, instantly recognise who you are and choose to visit your site as a result. We are Europe’s leading search engine optimisers working with the UK’s most dynamic and innovative designers. Together, we combine to make an unbeatable website design team.