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From conception to successful launch of any new product or service, there are numerous stages of development and tasks that have to be performed that all come together at the right time, culminating in getting the green light to launch. Failure to instigate, monitor or complete any of these stages or tasks will most likely result in failure.

We make businesses more efficient, more productive and therefore more profitable. We do this by bringing skilled, intelligent business people to the boardroom table who are highly experienced in each of their own fields. We work on either a fee paying basis or in some cases, where the business is lacking the financial resources but has potential; on a share equity basis.

Obviously we won't know much about your new product, nor is it our job to manufacture or produce the product in question. We have to determine that you have this under control and fully understand your responsibilities with regards to the product and out put. Our role is to ensure that the business itself is profitable both in the short and long term.

In order to achieve this, we need to ensure that we put the right people, reporting systems and controls in place to enable everyone to do their job, do it in time and do it within budget. Some of the stages, tasks and people involved could be:
  • Financial controls, projections, business plans and cash flow management systems. Members of the Where On Earth Group include accountants who would be responsible for managing all the financial aspects of the product launch and business.

  • Advertising. Whether it involves, television, newspapers, magazine or internet advertising, we have partner companies who can handle all aspects of advertising requirements to ensure wide awareness of the new product is achieved.

  • Marketing. From packaging to posters to internet marketing, it is essential that the marketing message is clear, succinct and instantly recognisable. Our marketing partners can handle everything, from design to utilising a 500,000 B2B email database.

  • The internet. We have designers, programmers, analysts, search engine optimisers and researchers with the expertise to build websites and back end systems that gain top ten Google rankings within days of launch. This ensures that that any new product launch is almost instantly discovered by potential clients and has the automated administrative systems in place to cope with orders.

  • Public relations. Partners include PR and media consultants that can arrange for press releases to be published in all the major newspapers and obtain the right level of media attention.

  • Business advice. When you partner us, you are partnering a team of experienced entrepreneurs and business consultants who you can turn to for advice and mentoring at every stage of your business development.

  • Research. Having what might appear to be a good product is not enough. We have market researchers who can establish if there is a need for your product, who and what competition you might have, organise focus groups and workshops. Market research is crucial before launching any new product.
In short, everything you need to ensure a successful new product launch can be outsourced to ensure cash flow is managed correctly and overheads are kept to a minimum. This can be achieved on either a staged invoicing programme or on an equity share basis enabling even the smallest of companies to work with us.

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