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Go to start of this section about new product launch. There are a number of steps to a new product launch that have to be adhered to in order to ensure success. This is of course assuming that the product is ready and fully tested.
  1. Market sectors have to be identified. It is essential that you know who your target market are, their numbers and the percentage of the market that you expect to penetrate.

  2. Retail outlets, wholesalers and other marketing outlets need to be identified.

  3. All products have to be market tested to obtain feedback and if necessary make adjustments.

  4. You must decide how you intend to create awareness of your product, television, radio advertising, newspaper advertising, public relations, media coverage, the internet, leaflet drops, exhibitions etc

  5. Marketing budgets for any new product launch have to be allocated, managed and monitored on an on going basis.

  6. Marketing material has to be succinct leaving any potential client in no doubt of what the product is or does.

  7. Sales staff need to be trained to handle all eventualities and all back end staff must be fully competent. Many new product launches fail because the systems and infrastructures were not in place, leading to critical meltdown, poor customer relations and bad press or media coverage.

  8. Production schedules need to be in place and flexible to cope with demand.
The Where On Earth group is made up of companies and business partners who have all the resources, know how and experience to ensure a successful product launch.

A properly planned and organised product launch results in faster time to market, problem free processes and greater profitability. Business activities and schedules are better planned, systems more coordinated and staff more tightly integrated. IT system data requirements are seamless, delivery requirements better understood, and production systems and schedules are not put under strain. The result is efficient production flow, more effective marketing and advertising, a better trained sales force, prepared to begin selling the new product and service and support staff able to service and support the new product and sales personnel.

Planned correctly a successful product launch will lead to greater customer awareness, desire and acceptance. We make businesses more efficient, more productive and therefore more profitable. We do this by bringing skilled, intelligent business people to the boardroom table who are highly experienced in each of their own fields. We work on either a fee paying basis or in some cases, where the business is lacking the financial resources but has potential; on a share equity basis.

If you have an exciting new product and need help with the product launch, talk to us. Read on to discover more of our new product launch strategies.

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