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Launching any new website on the internet is fraught with problems; not least those caused by incompetent website designers who think they know it or at least pretend to be experts. Judging by the numerous misleading and ill informed articles on the web about linking strategies, website placement and search engine optimisation, many website designers can take even the best business ideas and kill them stone dead.

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If you have a business idea that involves a new website the best business decision you could make right now is talk to us.

New websites face what would appear to be insurmountable problems. Google and many of the major search engines favour well established sites with plenty of content, high levels of traffic and good quality inbound links from other high traffic sites. A new website starts off with none of these things, no matter how big it is to begin with.

The search engines are unlikely to index every page from the start; it will have no track record for traffic, few inbound links and high traffic sites are unlikely to link into it. This is why website designers will tell you that a website takes time to climb the search engines. However, all these problems can be overcome from the start if the website design team really understand how the search engines work.

We do, and can often get a new website ranked in the top ten of Google within a few days. You will find very few website designers who concur with this theory but if you do a little research on the internet using search phrases like - website optimisers - or - search engine optimisers - or - best website designers - or - internet success - you will find that we are consistently on the top ten of Google.

If the website designers you were considering using for your project don't come up in the top ten of Google, it stands to reason that they will not be able to build you a website that will out perform your competition. If they cannot do it for themselves, they will never be able to do it for you, no matter what wild claims they make or how cheap they are.

Choosing a website designer to build a new website based on price is financial suicide because the few thousand pounds you save on the build will be lost a thousand times in lost profits. Ultimately, anyone hoping to make money from the internet has to face the fact that success comes at a financial price. You cannot open a corner shop selling bread and milk and expect to compete with the large supermarket chains. Likewise, you cannot start an internet company on a shoestring and expect to make any real money.

However, we can help you take your idea and turn it into an internet success and with a lot of hard work and due diligence, one day it might be recognised as one of the best internet businesses on the internet.

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