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The aim of any new product launch is to establish outlets, create enormous awareness that leads to huge demand and ensure production and supply channels are operational and able to cope with demand. On the face of it, this logic would appear simple enough but the strategies required to ensure the whole product launch proves profitable are multi-faceted and require high levels of management.

If you are an established business, you will most likely have vast experience in new product launches and be looking for new ideas or ways to ensure success, reduce overheads and increase profits. The more likely scenario is that you are a small or new business, lacking the experience or financial resources to implement new product launch strategies that will ensure success.

If you are a small or new business that has developed an exciting new product, your success or failure will depend on managing a new product launch from beginning to end and handling all the skills and tasks involved. Unless you have super powers, this will be both a mental and physical impossibility and attempting to get your product to market on your own will almost certainly lead to failure at every level.

We make businesses more efficient, more productive and therefore more profitable. We do this by bringing skilled, intelligent business people to the boardroom table who are highly experienced in each of their own fields. We work on either a fee paying basis or in some cases, where the business is lacking the financial resources but has potential; on a share equity basis.

Management is about delegation and if you look at any successful business person, they will have surrounded themselves with people that have the skills, knowledge and experience they lack. If you are a large company, you can afford to employ the right staff or import business consultants like us, as and when required to help with the launch of a new product.

On the other hand, if you are a small business, employing staff or business consultants with the skills and experience to help with a new product launch will normally be financially impossible. However, if we think your new product has potential and believe that you have the right business attitude, we would look at providing all the staffing levels and resources for an equity share in the product or company.

The benefits of partnering us in this way are enormous. From being a small business, we can bolt on a number of outsourced departments that only a large company would be able to afford and this would give you enormous advantages without having to come up with the financial resources usually required with this level of expansion.

Surrounded by partners that have the skills and experience you lack, will leave you to concentrate on the business areas that you are good at, free up time to run your business, whilst we manage the business areas where we have the experience to ensure a successful and profitable product launch.

Increasing staffing levels in this way obviously places no constraints on cash flow but also provides a large range of skills, experience and man hours that would otherwise be impossible to provide in any other way. Having partners you can talk to, who have the answers to most problems, have a financial interest in the success of the new product launch and who you can trust to get the job done also relieves the mental and physical pressures that most small business owners suffer from.

Read on to find out how we can help with your new product launch strategies.

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