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New Internet Company, start a new Internet Company with our help, advice and information on advertising, marketing, backing & website design by specialist company directors experienced in launching new Internet companies.

No new internet company stands any realistic chance of survival without proper business planning. The bankruptcy courts and insolvency practitioners are run off their feet with hapless business and companies who blundered onto the internet with little more than an idea.

Just owning a website is not a guarantee of success, even if it has been designed by a professional website design company. The new website needs to be optimised for the search engines by professional search engine optimisers to ensure it gains top ten search engine rankings where the bulk of internet traffic can be found.

If you are setting up a new internet company, you also need all the prerequisites that any new company needs.

This is why we are so important to the success of any new internet company. You need:
  • A proper financial business plan, providing financial projections over 1, 2 ,3 and 5 years. The business plan should include profit and loss projections, financial structuring, projected overheads including staff salaries, stock and or plant/machinery, estimated expansion and cash flow projections.

  • You need to research your competition, their pricing structures, their marketing strategies and learn as much about them as possible.

  • Know your market place, the size, the value, the estimated percentage that you plan on capturing over the next five years.

  • You need a marketing plan and budget

  • You need an advertising plan and budget

  • You need to have networking and online linking strategies in place

  • You need to constantly monitor your cash flow and manage your business based on your cash flow.
Too many people take an unprofessional approach to business thinking that business is all about making money. It is not, business is bout making a profit and the two are very far apart. If you are setting up a new internet company, you have to know how to manage the business at every level. Failure to do so will end in cataclysmic failure like the majority of new internet companies.

If you are not extremely experienced and knowledgeable about how the internet works, it is imperative that you understand as much as possible about internet company marketing.

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