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Use this site to find mortgage brokers who are specialists in helping the self-employed, previous bankrupts, applicants with an adverse credit history, bad, poor, adverse credit history, mortgages for discharged bankrupts, previous bankruptcy and CCJs lodged against them. Even if other high street mortgage lending companies have turned you down because you are a discharged banrupt, these specialist Mortgage Brokers may still be able to help.

To talk to a mortgage broker about how to find the best mortgage deal for the self-employed please click here.

You can use our free mortgage calculators to calculate your borrowing limits for mortgages and remortgages, by clicking here.

If being self-employed, previous bankruptcy or an IVA (individual voluntary arrangement) is preventing you obtaining a mortgage, we know mortgage brokers who can most likely help you.

Recent years have seen an increasing range of mortgage options become available to self-employed people looking for a mortgage.

It is no longer always necessary to provide three years audited accounts.

In many cases, there is the option of a self-certification mortgage where proof of income is not required.

There are specialist mortgage brokers who have many years experience in helping self-employed professionals with their mortgage requirements.

They can provide information on the best mortgage lenders to approach based on an assessment of your own particular financial situation.

Even if you are self-employed you can usually still gain access to a wide range of mortgage deals, including:
  • 90% Loans
  • Fixed and Discounted Rate Mortgages
  • Flexible repayment mortgage options
If you are self-employed, have a poor credit history, an IVA, a previous bankrupt or have been turned down by a high street bank or building society because of adverse or bad credit, we can help you find a mortgage by putting you in contact with a mortgage broker or mortgage advisor specialising in difficult to obtain mortgages.

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Don't let being self-employed get in the way of you owning a property or remortgaging - apply now.